Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday P!

I would like to dedicate this post to a very special little boy who is celebrating his 1st Birthday today!

Happy Birthday P!

We wish you a great zest for life as you continue to explore new things everyday =)

This is not the first time I've blogged about P.  I actually blogged about him and his lovable parents (E and Queen D) here . . .  when I got sooo excited when his dear Mama shared with me the good news that she was 9 weeks pregnant with him (after being married for 9 years).  It was not an easy journey for them, but the most important thing was they never gave up, remained strong and faithful.  And seeing little P only proves that good things happen to those who wait =)

Goes without saying that E and D have enjoyed the road to Parenthood since the day they learned about their little Angel.  They are enjoying P immensely as he likes playing with their car keys (get ready when he asks for the real thing!  Haha!) and Iphone.  This little boy lights up the room when he smiles but loves biting too (heehee). . . .and he won't go hungry too!  He knows how to get the attention of his parents especially when he sees them eating bananas which is his favorite fruit . . . And I'm sure his parents can't resist him when he says "Ma-mah" and "Pa-pah".

To E and D, we are sharing in your happiness as a family as you celebrate your little Angel's 1st Birthday  today!  (Have an amazing and fun-filled day!  Yes, it is but right to declare today a special no-work holiday for both of you! Haha!)

And to the rest of us who are praying for something, I hope that P will inspire us to be hopeful and faithful as he reminds us that God answers prayers. . . that he gives us what He knows is best for us =)

Have a blessed day ahead! =)

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