Thursday, October 13, 2016

Easy Cilantro and Lime Chicken Recipe

He-llooooo (singing to the tune of Adele's song, haha)

Can you believe it's October already?!  I love that Fall is already here!  I love this season because first, the weather is cooler and second, I get to watch new TV Shows!!! Woohoo!  (I will be sharing with you list in a different post.)

What's happening in our casa right now?  Well, I volunteered to help out in the Princess' class every Tuesdays (yesterday was my first day) so this is one thing I am excited about every week!  The kids are excited about Trick or Treating and are counting the days until Halloween while Hubby's excitement is all about his Fantasy Basketball Team, haha.

And today I am excited to share with you another recipe which I've tried the other night.  I am happy that the dish exceeded my expectations because honestly, I wasn't sure f I wanted to try it!  Okay, let me clear that up, haha.  I wasn't sure because I'm afraid of trying recipes that are not in my "comfort zone".  I've never tried recipes whose names sound like they belong to a restaurant's menu. . . . something like Cilantro Lime Chicken!

So why did I go for it?  Because I hate wasting food.  You know how you are left with a handful  of an ingredient because you only needed to use a tablespoon of it? Haha.  In this case, I have a bunch of cilantro (from making guacamole) on hand that is enough to use for this recipe.

I remember seeing in my FB feed a recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken dish so I googled and found this recipe from Suzy of The Mediterranean Dish blog.  It is a simple and easy to follow recipe (plus her dish looked pretty in her blog post! haha)

All I can say is something so simple can actually taste good . . . I will definitely cook it again!

For the full recipe, please click here.

My personal notes:

1. I love Chicken breast but I think for this particular recipe, using chicken thighs would be best.

2. I didn't have dry white wine (as listed in the recipe).  As a substitute, I just used chicken stock and rice wine (1 tbsp of rice wine mixed with 1 cup of chicken stock).

3. I love garlic so I used more than what the recipe called for.

4. I also added 2 tbsps of butter in the dish (while it was simmering) which I've added before putting it in the oven.  (just because butter makes everything better, haha) 

5. You don't have to buy a cast iron pan to make this dish.  But I have to say, I love using this kind of pan because it gives the meat a nice sear and color.  It also made this dish a "one pan plan".  I used the same pan to sear, cook and bake the chicken in.

Hope you like it as much as I do =).  Happy Cooking!

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