Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mi Tacqueria

A few months ago, after reading My Mom Friday's blog on her soft tacos, I got inspired to try doing this at home with crunchy taco shells instead of soft ones.  So I got some at the supermarket and they've been sitting at the pantry for quite some time now, haha!   It doesn't help that my friend D posted a photo of her tacos (a food craving she had now that she is expecting) which looked divine.  So before my taco shells lose their crunchiness, this procrastination has to stop!

Let the cooking begin! =)

Here are the ingredients which I used:

Taco shells

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix - there are several taco seasoning mix available in the market but I highly recommend this brand
Photo source
1/2 kilo ground chicken (I used ground chicken since my dad can't eat beef)
*You can make 10-12 tacos for a 1/2 kilo chicken

Tomatoes (chopped)
Iceberg Lettuce (shredded)
Grated Cheese
Onions (chopped)
Hot sauce

Cooking Directions:
I just sauteed the chicken in garlic and onion and put some pepper in it (I always use pepper when I cook).  Mix the powder with 2/3 cup of water (this can be adjusted according to your liking).  Pour the mix into the sauteed chicken, let it boil and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes until it thickens.  The mix was so tasty that I didn't need to put any salt or other flavoring.

I know, I know . . . my food plating sucks!  Something I need to work on, haha!

And that's it . . . put all the fix-ins and you're ready to eat!

After everyone has eaten . . .I just realized, I forgot to put chopped onions in the tacos!  My Bad!  Haha!  At any rate, I'm super happy everybody liked it (yes, including our household help!)  Yayyyy!

Note to self, next time you make tacos, do not forget to put onions!  I want to try adding sour cream or guacamole for the fix-ins too for a creamier texture =)

If you want to add crrrunnch in your New Year celebration, you might want to try preparing these tacos.

Happy cooking!

*Tacqueria - A place where tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes are made and sold.  (Source: 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Playtime

This is what happens when *Lola wants to play . . .
The Little One at 4 mos

And this Christmas morning, this is what happens when *Ninang L wants to play . . .
Gold ribbon from one of the unwrapped gifts, hehe
I was choosing between a reindeer and a snowman,
glad I picked the snowman!

This is when Mommy wants to play . . .

I wonder what happens when Zola's Dad wants to play??? LOL

Hope you had a fun celebrating Christmas with your loved ones as much as we did! 

New Year celebration cooommming up! =)

*Lola - means grandmother 
*Ninang - means godmother 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As I write this post, there are only1 day, 11 hours and 10 minutes left until Christmas!  Before everyone gets busy with their holiday preparations and plans, we are sending everyone our warmest greetings for this joyous season . . .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also, let us not forget to greet the One person who truly matters most during Christmas as we celebrate His birthday . . .

Happy Birthday Jesus!

 A personal photo 
One of the nicest Christmas displays I've seen when I visited hubby in LA
(Christmas 2010, The Grove)

P.S.  I do want to ride Santa's sleigh with the Little One so we can go and visit her dad or better yet, for him to ride the sleigh and come home to spend Christmas with us. *Wishful thinking*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little One: On My Own

The Little One has learned to sleep through the night since she was three months (yup, got some more sleeping time, woohoo!).  And now that she turned six months last week. . . another milestone is starting to set in.  I think she is learning to sleep on her own.  But oh well . . .things don't come easy with babies.  

This is what happens every night. . . ..

Little One gets sleepy, I sing and dance her to sleep, she starts to cry, I sing and dance her more, she still cries.  I put her in the crib, she cries.  I pick her up, give her milk, she doesn't like it.  I put the milk down, put her on the bed (sometimes this does the trick) but the tears are still there.  I pick her up, cradle her in my arms and she still sobs.  She doesn't want being cradled, okay, I try letting her head rest on my shoulders. . .she is still crying . . . (and the cycle starts again. . .pls go back to the singing and dancing part . . . again . . .go back twice or thrice, haha!)

I put her back in the crib again and then she stops. . . . AND then becomes restless.  She tosses and turns. .. rubs her eyes, her ears, her eyes again. . . more tossing and turning while I pat her, stroking her hair at the same time while humming the ABC song too (yes, moms really need to multi-task!)  . . . and then she sloowwly surrenders. . . she closes her sleepy eyes (my favorite part) and is off to dreamland.

I hope it gets better in the coming days. . . .I know it will, I know she will learn. . . .

She is my own Supergirl (that's what I call her sometimes) . . .

Goodnight Little One. . .

With all the tossing and turning, she got to this position.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Christmas Belen

One of the things you would see in Filipino homes during Christmas is the "Belen" which depicts the Nativity scene of Jesus Christ. 

Our Belen was creatively done by my Dad and Mom.  Yes, they did everything.  Mom thought of putting some poinsettias  (my sister then figured out why there were less poinsettias to hang in the Christmas tree, haha!) while Dad put some Christmas lights around the Belen.

Though I noticed two things:  First, Joseph has to be put outside the "stable" (which by the way is an old magazine rack, Dad's idea) because he is too tall. . . so one of the Three Kings was inside with Mary. . . AND second, if you look at the left side of the picture. . . 

I asked my mom why there were fairies in our Belen?!  LOL  

She didn't even have an idea that there were fairies in the Belen!

My guess, either she or dad thought that it was an angel because of the wings.

Time to get new glasses Mom. . or Dad. . . whoever put the fairy there! =)

P.S.  The fairies are now happily sitting on top of the organ.

Together Again!

Photo Source
I'm doing a happy dance now because the Little One and I are back in each other's arms! Yayyyy!

I'm feeling much better and have slept in our room a few nights ago and guess what, she slept through the night!  As I've mentioned in my earlier post, she woke up crying several times at night when I slept on the other room (i isolated myself to make sure she won't catch anything from me).  Now that we're together again, she's back to her usual sleeping habit, yes, just like that . . . so it's not a "I guess she misses me" thing anymore because the truth is. . . .SHE MISSED ME!  

(Hope you won't mind as I indulge myself on this "awwww" mommy moment of mine =) 

P.S.  Mommy Nurse on duty today. . . The Little One is is nursing a slight fever.  But waiiittt (yes, I can hear your boos from here, haha!),  it's not because of me!  It's her vaccine's fault! Teehee =)

Have a good and a "healthy" week ahead!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

My bestfriends M and P have been asking me about my Christmas Wishlist so they can get it for me.  We've been friends for so long that we're comfortable enough to be honest with each other with what we want for Christmas.

So to my dear friends, M and P, thank you for your thoughtfulness by asking me what's on my wishlist.  You'll be happy to know I thought of one!

I want a new. . . .

Aiko Melendez
Photo Source

I told M about this and she asked me for her other options, Haha!

I've always been a "big" girl so I really don't wish for a whistle-bait figure but I'll be happy if I would at least shed errr . .. a few pounds.

Ok, I know . . . this is a gift I have to give myself. . . 

So while we're at it, these are the other things I'm dreaming to get for myself:

(All the stuff here are gifts from ME or from Zola's Dad! Haha!)

1. Good, flat comfy shoes - Since I got pregnant, I got used to wearing flat shoes.  I've been wearing the same shoes and sandals since I got pregnant.  I think I need to get a new pair.  I'm not particular with any brand.  The magic word . . . COMFORT!  But I love the colors of these Tory Burch ballerina flats though.  Something different from my usual black, gold and silver flats.

Tory Burch Reva Ballerina
Tory Burch Reva Flats
Photo Source

2. A cross body satchel bag - I admit, I have enough handbags.  But they're all shoulder bags which makes it kind of hard for me to push the stroller or carry the Little One with a handbag dangling on my side.  A cross body type of bag would be more convenient and easier for me to carry and (with a baby in tow), to look after. Not that I'm making excuses. . . LOL!  (Pictures below are just pegs for my bag)

Mulberry Alexa Hobo Mulberry Alexa Hobo
Mulberry Alexa Hobo Bag
Photo Source
Stuart Weitzman Grey Big Cross Body Handbag
Stuart Weitzman Satchel and Cross Body bag
Photo Source
3. New set of bed sheets - A mom's sleeping time is sacred, haha!  I would love to get a set of bed sheets with at least 300 thread count =)
Photo Source
4. A coffee machine - As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I love coffee (be it brewed or instant)!  But since this is a wishlist, I might as well dream BIG!  It would be really nice to have a coffee machine at home that would give me freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, cafe mocha, latte or machiatto. . . .all of these by just pressing a button!  Ayayay, heaven! LOL
Photo Source

But if I only have to give one wish, it would be for Zola's Dad to come home this Christmas and spend it with us (it's the Little One's first Christmas).  I'm sure she would like to show Daddy her roll-over, her high-fives and her new adventure as she starts eating her solids.  

The Little One and I just miss him so much . . .we can't wait to see him next year!

So this caps my wish list. . . care to share what is on yours? =)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Missing the Little One and the Little One in Me

Cartoon Sick Woman With An Ice Pack On Her Head Posters, Art Prints
Photo Source
I’ve been under the weather these past few days.   The hardest part wasn’t the headache, the sore throat or the continuous coughing. . . it is staying away from the Little One.  Not being able to pick her up and  play with her is frustrating.  And when she flashes that beautiful smile of hers, I couldn't hug and kiss her. . . it is just pure heartache!   I can only blow her kisses and say "I miss you" from afar.  I slept in another room while my mom and sister stayed with her in our room.  I told my mom that she won’t have a hard time with the Little One at night since she already sleeps through the night.  But  mom told me she woke up crying three times last night . . .my only guess is she misses me just as much as I miss her *sad face here*.  

But if there’s one good thing that came out of this is  I got to be babied my parents again (haha!)  Yes, a grown woman like me sometimes misses being babied by dad and mom.  

Mom is constantly reminding me to drink my meds and load up on my fruits while my Dad's simple gesture of asking me if I have hot water before taking a bath is really sweet and heartwarming. 

It felt good to be a Little One again. .  .  . 

I love you Dad and Mom! 


Monday, December 12, 2011

What Matters Most

I saw this from my good friend's FB notes (Thanks C for sharing!)

Such a beautiful poem from Mother Teresa.

Hope this inspires you as it inspired me to do and be the best that I can.


This poem was written by Mother Theresa and is engraved on the wall of her home for children in Calcutta.
Mother Teresa
Photo source
People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you
of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some
false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will
forget tomorrow,
Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and
it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got ... anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is
between you and God,
It never was between you and them anyway..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A $100 Chocolate Bar!

Look what I found at the Supermarket  . . .

It's a $100 chocolate bar. . . .literallly!  LOL

Cute noh?

I just found the packaging cute but then I saw "Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut cream". . . .I got sold, haha!

Now, if I can only find a fairy goodmother who can turn this bar into real money (teehee)

*Wishful thinking*

Have a sweet week ahead!

P.S. Just in case you're wondering if this was made in the US. . . it is actually from Turkey.  Sold at SM Supermarket at Php 22.50/bar 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Crazy Saturday

What:  A Playdate

When:  Saturday, December 10

Where:  My Parents' House

Cast of Characters:
The Little One - aka "Zola"
Zola's cousins - Iya (5 years old) and Syoti (2 years old)
Nana F - she has been with the family for 45 years!  Yes, she has become part of the family =)

Zola's cousins went to my parents' house around lunch time.

SCENE 1 - Me changing Janina's diapers.  Iya asks Nana F to help her in the bathroom.  Syoti (being fed by his nanny) eating lunch at the Master's Bedroom.

After 15 minutes . . . 

SCENE 2 - Janina being lulled to sleep by Nana F.  Iya eating lunch.  Syoti's turn to go to the bathroom.

Another 15 minutes . . .  

SCENE 3 - Janina sleeping.  Iya playing.  Syoti still eating

After 1 hour . . .

SCENE 4 - Janina wakes up.  Iya sleeping.  Syoti playing.

Yes, our day was just starting --- LOL 

Craazzy (and tiring) as it may seem, it has been a lovely and fun-filled Saturday with the Little OneS.

Have a nice weekend everyone! =)

Two Peas in a Pod

Is it just me or do you also get confused with these Hollywood celebrities?

I was watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and I honestly thought that the lead actress was the same one who starred in the movie "Enchanted".

To set the facts straight for these two actresses:

Amy Adams' filmography includes "Enchanted", "Julie and Julia" and as Amelia Earheart in "Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian".

Isla Fisher's works include "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and she lent her voice in the cartoon movies "Horton Hears a Who" and "Rango".  By the way, she is also the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen.

They look alike to me. . .what do you think?

Amy Adams vs Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

Photo source from this blog

                                   Last one, don't you think Amy (on the left) also looks like Nicole Kidman? LOL
Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams walks the red carpet at the premiere of "Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian" at the National Air and Space Museum on May 14, 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Amy Adams

Okay I'll stop before this turns into a game! Haha!

Photo credit:
Amy Adams

Isla Fisher,,20164501_20255078_20570738,00.html

Nicole Kidman

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rave: Body Shop's Vitamin C Cleansing Polish Face Wash

I have a beauty regimen (of toner and moisturizer) which I should be doing every night (ideally) but sometimes (well most of the times, hehe), I'm just too tired to do anything but laze around.

And so . . . I have those days when I look at the mirror and I just feel like my skin is . . .DULL.  (Ok, this is beginning to sound like a commercial, hahaha!)

But anyhow, I'm sooo happy to have tried a product which gives my skin an instant glow . . . the Body Shop Vitamin C Cleansing Polish Face Wash!  I have to thank my sister for introducing me to this beauty find which I'm loving (raving!) right now.

What Body Shop says about this product:
Contains Amazonian camu camu berry, which is known to have one of the highest contents of vitamin C in nature.  Antioxidant vitamin C brightens skin, encourages collagen production, improves elasticity and helps to protect skin from environmental pollutants.
I like it because it has a mild citrus scent, the beads aren't rough and it really does make my skin smoother, clearer and glowing (for me at least, haha!).

Love, love this product that I would definitely check out the other products in Body Shop's Vitamin C line.  

So  besides my lipstick, this is my other quick fix  for those "losyang moments"  =)

What's your latest beauty find?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zola's Cousin: Terrible Twos

The Little One (at 1 month) with Syoti
You have met Zola's cousin, Iya in earlier posts, so now I want you to meet Ian, her younger brother.  We call him "Syoti" which means younger brother in Chinese (well actually, he has become a big brother since they have a new sister, Nica, who was born last October.)

Syoti is 2 years old, has a sweet tooth, loves cars (both the cartoon character and real ones) and can play by himself.  Just like any toddlers, he has his own language and is building up his vocabulary everyday. His favorite words are "NO" and "ME".  Considering that these are his favorite words, I guess the "Terrible Twos" stage has officially started, haha!

This happened a few days ago after a family dinner.  His lola bought him chocolates so I was asking for some:

Me: Syoti, can I have?

Syoti: Meeee (I guess that means no too, haha!)

Me:  But you have to share 

Syoti: Me, Me, Me (I told you it's his favorite word! hehe)

Me: Syoti, you have to share.  

Syoti: Meeee

Me: You share okay. . . Say Share. . . Sh-Sh-Shhaaarree (I was teaching him to say the word too)

Syoti: Sh---Sh-sshh

Guess he doesn't really want to share. . . he CAN'T even say the word! --- LOL

Hello Terrible Twos!  I think I will see more of you in the coming days =)   

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrapping Gifts is Love

The Little One and I received our first Christmas gifts last Sunday from Ninong D and Ninang A (They were are our godparents when Zola's Dad and I got married.)

Ninang A always has the best wrapped gifts bar none! It is something T (a close of friend of mine who is also their inaanak) and I look forward to seeing every Christmas.  

Every Christmas, she has a theme for all her gifts.  There was a year that she had the colors blue and silver as motif and used Christmas balls as accents.  This year, she used plain gold wrapping paper, ribbons, hollies and figurines.  Her wrappings makes the "opening of gifts" part really hard, haha!  Because it hurts to tear a nicely wrapped gift!         


Thank you Ninang A for always putting so much effort and LOVE in wrapping our gifts but more than that, thank you and to Ninong D for wrapping your love, affection and wisdom around us.  We are truly blessed and grateful that we have you in our lives.

Ninong D, Ninang A, Me and T


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Magic Santa

I read about this Magic Santa from one of my N@W (Newlyweds At Work) sisters (Thanks T!) who posted it in our message board.  

Magic Santa will help you create a personalized video for your kid from Santa!  Can you imagine the look in their faces if they receive this video where Santa is talking to them?  How cool is that! =)  I'm sure kids are going to find this awesome!  

I tried making one to show you how it looks like, making it is easy as 1-2-3 =)

To pique your interest, I won't go into details how Magic Santa makes it personalized because I think it's better if you see it for yourself =)  Since the Little One is still a baby, there are some questions that I can't answer . . .yet (like what gift the child wants for Christmas, etc.)

Pls. click on this link to view a sample of Santa's message to the Little One: 

By the way, the card can be sent not only to children but adults as well. . .(hmmm, i might try making one for Zola's Dad, heehee)

I would just like to give you heads up that loading the video might take a little bit of time (remember, Patience is a virtue, hahaha!)

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who's "chubby"?

Yes, Zola's cousin is back!  This is another Iya post =)

Earlier today, we were in the car waiting for my sister when Iya and I had this conversation:

Iya: Ta-ta, alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng chubby? (Ta-ta, do you know what chubby means?)

(Uh-oh. . .I'm bracing myself for what's to come. . . you know how some kids already know what "FAT" is at a young age. . . and I've had my share of 5 yr olds who tell me that I am!)

Me: So, ano ibig sabihin ng chubby? (So what does it mean?)

(I was crossing my fingers hoping this conversation would stop)

Iya: Ibig sabihin, cute and malambing. (It means cute and sweet.)

Me: Ano pa? (What else?)

Iya: Wala na, yun lang. (Nothing, that's it.)

Me: (Relieved! and now with a big grin on my face) 
       Ah okay. . .So chubby ako? (Ok, so I'm chubby?)

Iya: Oo (Yes)

Well, I got to give it to her, this chubby conversation didn't hurt at all, haha!

Oh yes, I'm chubby. . . in Iya's eyes and mine --- LOL

Iya and me in one of our sleepovers (when I was still pregnant)
This is our "morning look"


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pearly Shells

When we were young, my parents enrolled me and my elder brother in piano and organ lessons (which we've taken for granted---and this remains to be one of my biggest regrets in life, EVER!).  They also enrolled me in dance (modern dance and hawaiian) lessons.  And among all the lessons I took, I enjoyed my Hawaiian dance class most.  Probably because of the grass skirt, leis and various flower accessories I got to wear, haha!  

One of the Hawaiian songs we danced to was "Pearly Shells".  This song really brings back fond memories of my childhood.  I don't know why my sister suddenly remembered this song but since Sunday, "Pearly Shells" has officially become one of the Little One's lullaby songs (the other two being the ABC song and "Edelweiss" from the Sound of Music)

Since I have been singing "Pearly Shells" to the Little One the whole day, I think I just know what her 1st birthday party's theme is going to be. . . . I think it would be nice to wear a grass skirt . . . again! 


Aloha everyone. . . .
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