Friday, January 24, 2014

Breakfast of the Chomps

I have a new fave (a new find) breakfast food! =)

Pampanga's Best Chomps - Breakfast Sausages!

They're really good, not salty and tiny (as compared to the regular-sized ones)!   It makes you feel a little less guilty about eating a lot, haha!  While they may be tiny, they are tasty.  Best when eaten hot!

We also love their Boom Boom Hotdogs (I think only Filipinos would have red hotdogs!).  I even saw a pack of Pampanga's Best Hungarian Sausages, something that I have yet to try.

Yes, I am a hotdog lover, I'll choose it over a hamburger (unless that burger is that of Five Guys, haha!).  

For more details about Pampanga's Best products (and their distributors), please visit their website.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the hungarian sausage na? :D They're tiny and I heard that they're good! :)

D said...

Have you tried their Hungarian Sausage na? :D They're tiny and I heard that they're good! :)

Ana said...

Hi D! =) Thank you for dropping by! No, I haven't! Have to make sure I list that down when I go back home to PH this year! Thanks for reminding me about this! Haha! Have a nice day!

ing lim said...

hi... do you peel the casing off before cooking these? i'm not really sure about this. :D

Ana said...

Hello Ing =) No, I don't. I just pan fry them directly. I'm suddenly craving for these chomps now! lol . . .Thanks for dropping by =)

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