Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rocking Red Lipstick

Growing up, I would wear my Mom's high-heeled shoes.

I think all little girls love wearing Mommy's shoes!

As for Ate, well, love for make-up came before the shoes, haha! =)

Somebody is playing with the lipstick! =)

Which reminds me, I should ask my Mom what the brand of her lipstick was (Ate used played with her lipstick) because it's long-lasting!  It is!  Because it took me more than a few scrubs to clean the nipple, haha! 

Uma-Anne Curtis sa red lipstick! =)  
I must say she did a pretty good job applying it.
Yep, it was all her!

She started her day with a bottle of milk and a swipe of (bright) lipstick that put her in a good mood!

Make sure you have a tube because you might just need it someday =)

on a bad day, there is always lipstick
Image Source

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meet The Flour Girl

Well, I haven't really met her, haha!  I just had a taste some of her goodies during a visit to Rockwell's Baker's Dozen Fair (again!).  The Flour Girl's stall has mouthwatering cupcakes (with flavors like Choco-Nutella, Salted Caramel Mocha, Speculoos, Purple Yam and Pistachio with Strawberry Frosting, to name a few).  But what I wanted to try were these. . . 

 Her Brookies (left) and Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies (right)

They caught my attention (and my taste buds' too, thanks to the free taste, heehee) and fell in love with the Brookies, haha!  How can you not fall for something that has BOTH a Brownie and a Cookie?!  These sweet treats are soft, moist and chewy. . . Heaven in a bite! 
Can you find the Hidden Mickey? =)

For more details about The Flour Girl and what they offer, please visit their FB page =)

Hope you had a beautiful and sweet day!

Goodnight =)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ice Cream Love

I think Ate took after my love for sweets!  (Patay!  Haha!)  First, it was M&M's, then Ice Cream.  

As I've mentioned in a previous post, eating Ice Cream has helped us in managing her crying bouts when she takes her Medicine.   I guess there is really just something in ice cream that makes it comforting and brings joy to whoever eats it.  It can even solve problems!

If you want to shop and make a toddler sit still, Ice Cream can save the day!  Haha!  

P.S. And pray that he/she stays that way until the ice cream is gone, heehee.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few Good Laughs

This is probably one of the funniest (and most embarrassing?) experiences I ever had.  (Just thinking about it makes me laugh again!  Haha!)

We went to my favorite Ramen place (Santouka) yesterday.  When I was about to enter the restaurant, I saw a couple who were waiting to be seated and were browsing the menu.  When the girl looked up, we caught each other's eye and she flashed me a big, warm and sincere smile and she said. . ."Heeeyyyyyy"  and instinctively, I flashed her a big smile too and said "Helloooo!!! I didn't recognize you!".  (She was an acquaintance from the University. . . ummmm, some 20 years ago?! Haha!)  We sounded like really good friends who didn't see each other for a looooong time and were excited to catch up!

But waiiiit. . . the guy with her wasn't her husband!  I looked at the guy again kasi baka her husband lost weight lang. . . but it wasn't really her husband!  Then I realized for a quick few seconds. . . .she actually WAS NOT the girl I thought she was, hahaha!  (And I even had to say "I didn't recognize you!" Toinks!)

ANDDDD judging from her face, I can see that just about the same time, she realized that I wasn't a friend of hers too!  


I think both of us were so shy embarrassed that we weren't looking at each other's direction the whole time we were eating. (Tough luck, our tables were even beside each other!  Haha!)

Yup, it was a good (and funny!) way to cap the weekend!  

What have I learned?  That it's actually nice to share a smile (or a hearty laugh!) with a stranger.

As they say. . . 

Image from

So to the very nice lady in an orange and black top and striped leggings, thank you for making my day!

Oh and for being a pretend friend that day, haha!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween!

One of the school activities that I was looking forward to doing this year was Ate's first Trick or Treat!  I got excited with thinking of what she's going to wear, haha!  One thing was for sure, she won't be a princess or a fairy because she is not into those. . . yet.  I wanted her to wear something she really likes and one that makes her happy.  I figured that if she likes what it is, she would definitely wear the costume.

And if there's one thing she really likes now, it's M&M's chocolate (Plain)!  So I went online and googled for some costumes which my Mom's dressmaker can make.  Initially, I wanted something like this:

Iimage from

But went with this instead . . .

Image from

because it looked more COMFORTABLE!

Mom's dressmaker did a good job with the yellow top.  As for the M&M's logo, I just sent it to the Printer and had it printed. =)

She LOVED it!!!  And was excited to wear it!

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I love the school's idea of recycling old shoe boxes and turning them into a Trick or Treat bag.  

Ate actually worked on the pumpkin during her Arts and Crafts time in class =)

Ate's Costume Parade/Trick or Treat in pictures. . . 

I'm glad she enjoyed her first Trick or Treat =) 

Everyone at home enjoyed it too. . . .Thanks to her candies!  Haha!

Wishing all of you a great weekend! =)

Friday, October 25, 2013

The One!

I don't regularly use Body Wash or Shower gels because I prefer using a bath soap (the only two bath soaps I like are Safeguard and Olay White).  I use Shower gels on a "I feel like using it" basis.  But I think this would change because I found THE ONE for me!
Kiehl's Orange Flower and Lychee Body Cleanser
Image from

What I'm loving right now?  Kiehl's Orange Flower and Lychee Body Cleanser =)

I like love the luxurious scent of this bath product.  It smells good, light and the scent is not overpowering.  I wish though that I can smell more of the Orange Flower, haha!  (I love citrusy scents!)  I thought it would be more citrusy but as I've read in some reviews, the scent is more floral.

As shared by Fragrance Expert David Suffit in Kiehl's website, the inspiration for the Orange Flower and Lychee scent was:
". . .to recreate the atmosphere of late afternoon in a Moroccan garden. The Orange Tree absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day then exudes its strong distinctive essences as the air begins to cool in the evening, while the Lychee lends a soft and sweet aroma reminiscent of the roses growing nearby."
This product doesn't say that it is a Body Wash but a . . .  "Skin-Softening Body Cleanser".  Happy to say that it is living up to its name.  It does leave the skin soft and supple after using it.  But you know what I like most about this product?  It is light that it doesn't give you that "sticky" feeling after taking a bath (something that I usually get in some products.  Yes, that feeling that you want to step back into the shower and rinse yourself again, haha!).  

By the way, the Orange Flower and Lychee line of products is part of Kiehl's Aromatic Blend Collection. Other scents include Nashi Blossom and Grapefruit, Cedarwood and Vanilla, Fig Leaf and Sage.

To know more about this Collection and what scent would suit your taste, please click on this link.

After a long day of work, it would be nice to just cap it with a good, warm and refreshing bath =)

Hope you had a good day today!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Dose of Vit C

I'm prone to cough and colds so my Mom always tells me to take Vitamin C.

Well, I am following her advice, I found my kind of Vitamin C . . . 

And it is wrapped in Dark Chocolate, hahaha!

I actually prefer the Acai Berry but this Pomegranate is good too.  It's a good dessert because it removes the "umay" or "suya" factor that you might get from your meal.  You get to taste the goodness of dark chocolate followed by the tartness of the fruit.  What I like about this brand is, the fruit doesn't overpower the chocolate.  They blend really well.

Oh and it makes eating chocolates less sinful . . . a little bit healtiher, haha!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweets from Susie's

Believe it or not, you can actually enjoy a whole (Old-Fashioned) chocolate cake for only Php 250.00 (close to US$6)!  

Thing is, you have to come here to our province or to any branch of Susie's Cuisine surrounding our province.  They have branches in Tarlac and one in Bataan.   I don't think they have a branch in Manila yet.   

Susie's Cuisine is a local place that is known for their Pancit Palabok (Pancit Luglug as we call it) and Mochi (a Kapampangan kakanin made of beans wrapped in sticky rice and drizzled in coconut milk). Through the years, it has widened its array of offering that it has become a foodie's haven.  It doesn't only offer these local specialties (they make good Baked Mac and Lasagna too) but MORE!  It has become a favorite pit stop to get pasalubong (gifts) too.   

This chocolate cake is a personal fave.  I know there are fancier and yummier cakes but for the price and for the quality of the cake you get (it's chocolatey good and moist), this cake is a sure winner!  My friends from Manila liked the cake too that they bought some as pasalubong to their families =)

If you happen to go to Pampanga, please drop by Susie's Cuisine and go on a food trip! =)  And include this cake (just one of the many pasalubong you can buy  in Susie's) in your list =)

For more details, please go to their FB page

Got this list of branches from Ang Sarap's blog


Rizal Extension corner Sandra St., Angeles City
Tel. No.: (045) 887 - 2479

McArthur Highway,Dau (Pineda Bldg. near Marina Arcade)
Tel. No.: (045) 892-4919

IG Grown Plaza,Burgos St.,Guagua PampangaTel. No.: (045) 900-1062

Sto. Domingo 1, Capas Tarlac
Tel. No.: (045) 615-0960

ACC Bldg., McArthur Highway,Apalit PampangaTel. No.: (045) 302-9182

La Maja Rica, McArthur Highway, Ligtasan, Tarlac City
Tel. No.: (045) 611-2150

Mother Teresa Calcutta,Sakop, Brgy. Maimpis, City of San Fernado Pampanga
Tel. No.: (045) 455-5935

Northwalk 2, City of San Fernando Pampanga
Tel. No.: (045) 889-8723

Marquee Place, G/F Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City
Tel. No.: (045) 841-4046

Don Manuel Banzon St., Balanga City Bataan
Tel. No.: 0906-657-905

Mc Arthur Highway, Dolores, City of San Fernando Pampanga.
Tel. No.: (045) 861 - 2480

Ground Floor Kiosk, SM Clark, Angeles City

Name the Object

I am officially a Criminal Case (an adventure game I play in  FB) addict! (Thanks to my friend M, haha!)

I get to play a detective (and feel like a part of CSI) in Criminal Case, find hidden objects and solve a crime.  Not that I want to become a detective!  It's just that I'm used to looking for objects. . . because I tend to misplace things, haha!

While playing this game, I've encountered in my list of "things to find" some objects which I don't know.  For example, Shuriken, Nanchaku and Balaclava!

If you know what they are, give yourself a pat in the back and a star!  

So thanks to this game, these are not just mere objects which I know and I've seen (thanks to my Dad's love of watching Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and Action-packed films!), I can now actually name them! 

Evidence #1 - Nanchaku (I actually know them as Chaku!)
Image Source

Evidence #2 - Shuriken (I can imagine a Black or White Ninja while looking at this photo, haha!)

Evidence #3 - Balaclava (Yep, this headgear actually has a name, hehe)

Image from

Don't you just love it when you learn something new everyday?!

If you like Detective-type of games, try playing Criminal Case in FB.

And if you're my FB friend, please send me some Energy!!!! Haha!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loving Spectrum

One of my most favorite hotel buffets is that of Spectrum's in Fairmont Hotel.  The main reason being. . . I love their dessert spread (I have a sweet tooth). . . ALL of it!  It is probably the only hotel buffet where I loved all the dessert selection.  And this is the reason (well dessert spread for me and suckling pig for Hubby, haha!) why we went back just a week after a couple of good friends treated us for dinner (Thank you again M&M!).

Spectrum's buffet spread is not as extensive as the other hotels but I'm happy and satisfied with what they offer. 

They have the standard food stations found in hotel buffets:  Salad Bar (they make a really gooood Caesar Salad dressing!), Bread, Cheese and Cold Cuts Station, Seafood, Chinese Roastings (Suckling Pig and Peking Duck), Dimsum and Noodles, Pizza and Pasta (we loved their Pasta), Carving Station.  There is enough (more than enough actually) to eat.  We didn't even get to try the Main Dishes since we were already happy with the few things that we love!  

Love these wraps!
Roast Beef was okay

The reason why Hubby was a Happy Camper!  
And this is the reasons why I was, Haha!

I love everything in this plate!  
If you ask me which tops my list, it would be the Mango Panna Cotta
and the freshly-baked Choco Chip cookie!

My most favorite was the Chocolate Brownie

They even have Taho
Here's something  we don't see often in a dessert spread . . .Honeycomb!  I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to try it.  Hubby did and I asked him how it was. . . he said it was sweet, chewy and  has an "earthy flavor" (whatever that means!  Haha!)

I asked him to try the Mascarpone Cheese with Honey too

He liked it. . . better with Halayang Ube!  Haha!  (Huney, you make me laugh even when you talk about food!)

Let me end this post with a note to Hubby. . . .

Dearest Hun, 
You're my "Honey" and I'll be your "Ube". . . 
(Okay, let's stop this cheesiness!)

I wish I had more pictures to share but as they say. . . "the soul is willing but the flesh is weak"!  Haha! It was so weak. . . we were hungry that I have to put my camera down so we can enjoy the buffet goodness. =) 

Oh and I have to say, all the restaurant's staff were superb which made our dining experience extra special.

If you want to read a more detailed review about Spectrum by food bloggers, here are some links:

Our Awesome Planet (on the Sunday Brunch)


Monday, October 21, 2013

To Cook: Mushroom and Tofu Sisig Recipe

I stumbled across a blog ( and saw this Mushroom and Tofu Sisig recipe. It would be nice to eat a healthier sisig for a change, haha!  Though the recipe calls for a little bit mayo, heehee. 

The recipe looks promising (deelish and easy to do!).  It is now in my "To Cook" list.  Yes, I've made this blog my recipe box too, haha!  
Image from
I hope I can find some time this week to do it =)  Or probably after we finish eating all the left overs at the fridge!  Or whichever comes first .

Here it is:

3/4 kilo oyster mushrooms (sliced thinly, note: i don't think button mushrooms will work here)
1/4 kilo fried tofu (cut into strips)
2 pcs. medium-sized red onion (sliced finely)
2 pcs. red and green chili (sliced finely)
1/2 cup mayonaisse
4 tbs. calamansi juice
2 tbs. vegetable oil 
salt and peper to taste

1. saute mushrooms in oil, season salt and peper, set aside
2. fry tofu and cut into strips, set aside
3. combine all ingredients before serving, top with fresh green chili

For the original post about this recipe, please click on this link.

Study Tips (Kuno)

Growing up, there were two things that I heard which can help me as I study/review for an exam in school.

The first thing is to eat peanuts.  I know that peanuts are brain food, but I never ate peanuts while studying. Because I'll probably just eat and not study, haha!  But my Dad did this during his time.  And I remember seeing my brother eating some too while he was in Med school (though my brother really loves munching on peanuts!)

The second thing was sleeping on the book will help you learn!  I have to admit, I did THIS!  I probably did it as a desperate act, hahaha!   

Since Ate won't eat peanuts, I just asked her to do the second one.  Heehee . . .

Just kidding!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Hangover

Image from

And I think there's some truth in this, haha!

What do you think?

Let's not look at Monday as something that dampens our weekend high.  Instead, let's look at it as a new beginning . . . that gives us that one chance we're asking for . . .that give us the opportunity to correct a mistake . . .a day that gives us a lot of possibilities!

As they say. . .LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE.

Have a great Monday!  

Turning Japanese!

I've always wondered what the waiters and waitresses yell when you enter a Japanese restaurant (and I noticed that they yell together too, haha!).  It sounds like "Ashamaysashe"???!  

Just in case you're wondering too, here's the answer! 

The word is "Irasshaimase!"  It means "Welcome to the store" or "Come In" (Source)

My sister and I tried NIJI Japanese Restaurant in Angeles City (near Clark).  You know that it's a good Japanese restaurant when you see Japanese people eating there, haha!  Before we went there, I googled for some restaurant reviews and I must say, I was satisfied with what I've read that I think the place is worth a visit.   

The restaurant has an extensive menu.  It was so wide that it was overwhelming.  I just gave up and asked our waitress for her suggestions, haha!

It's a big and heavy menu (literally!)

I think there were 12 pages!  See the picture?!
We had the following:

Seafood Croquette
It was okay.  The dip that went with this dish was the Tonkatsu sauce.
We prefer dipping it in Japanese Mayo.

Forgot the name of this Maki but it is one of their bestsellers.
It looks good  right?  But I'll order a California Maki next time, haha!
The Japanese Mayo wasn't just tasty and creamy enough for me.
(The Mayo just doesn't taste like Kewpie's to me)

I loved their Tempura!  If you like a crunchy batter, this is for you.I will definitely order this again!

Sorry, I wasn't able to get the name of this dish.
It has pork strips, tofu (I love tofu!) that has a savory and spicy sauce.
My sister and I loved this too!

Btw, they have good fried rice too!  My sister and I don't eat Sushi and Sashimi but I read from some reviews that their Sushi and Sashimi are fresh.

In case you are in Angeles City and feel like eating some good Japanese food, Niji Restaurant is a good place to satisfy your cravings.  It's located at Don Juico Avenue, Friendship, Angeles City.

By the way, they just opened a branch in San Fernando (along McArthur Highway, near St. Scholastica's Academy).   Good news is, it's near our place!  (Woohoo!)  This only means one thing. . . time to try the other dishes in their menu! Haha!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Sayonara and Goodnight =)

Breakfast in Bed!

Good Morning!!!

Here's my breakfast. . . . 

A serving of warm sunny (smile) side-up and a huge slab of a meaty (baby) bacon! Haha!

Excuse me. . . I just have to go and dig in =) 

Happy Sunday to everyone!

Happiness in a Tub

Do you know what is one of the hardest things that a parent does . . . get kids to drink their medicine!

It's stressful enough that they are sick.  It becomes more stressful when you see them up in arms, kicking and screaming and crying hard (sooo hard that it makes them yack, which means you have to start again!).  

Giving meds to kids becomes more challenging as they grow older.  When Ate was a baby, we only needed a dropper (it is best to place the dropper at the side of the mouth, the cheek pocket as Babycenter calls it) or we mix the medicine with the milk.  Now that she's a toddler. . .hayyyy *heavy sigh*. . .we have to be more creative, more patient and more cold-hearted!  Haha!  It kinda gets to me when I see Ate cry that I have a hard time giving her the medicine.  I actually ask other members in the family to do it for me, haha!    

The past three weeks were a struggle because giving medicine to Ate entails two things: the drama and change of clothes (there are times that taking a shower is needed) after everything!

But I'm happy to say that she is better in taking her meds now.  Oh, she still cries.  But it has become manageable.  We use an oral syringe to give her the meds but we tried using a regular spoon and we found that it worked better for her (for us too! Hehe) because there were less spit ups.

You know what else helped?

The promise of a sweet ending!

Well. . . there's nothing a tub of ice cream can't cure, haha!

Hope you're having a good weeekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Pet Peeve

This world would be a better (and happier!) place  . . .

IF ONLY we follow rules  . . .

and be considerate of others . . .

And show that we care about everyone. . . especially to those who need it most.

I do not own this photo-- Saw this in my friend's FB wall
If you own this photo, please let me know so I can give you credit for it =)

If we can all be the things I've mentioned above (and more!), can you imagine how beautiful and peaceful this world is going to be?!

Have a good weekend!  

P.S. If you go somewhere and have to park your car. . . please do it the right way. =)

Trick or Treat!

Have you ever experienced being too excited over something that you started planning early only to find out that things aren't going to happen the way you expect?! 

Ate has a Costume Parade/Trick or Treat at school next week.  Since it's her first Trick or Treat. . . I'm excited!  (I'm probably more excited than her!)  So I started thinking of her costume as soon as her classes started!  Okay, that was an exaggeration, Haha!

I bought her this orange bucket a couple of weeks ago for her Trick or Treat.  Since it's Halloween, I would like to call it a "cauldron" . . .ala Harry Potter, heehee.

Then I got a letter from the school . . . .

They asked the parents for a shoe box which will be made as the kids' trick or treat bags.  So there goes my pretty orange cauldron, haha!  But I love and support the school's idea of going green by recycling the shoe boxes.  

If you like to make your own Trick or Treat bag, I found one online which uses a shoe box:

Image from

To see the full instructions, please click on Crafting a Green World's link.

Trick or treaaattt!!!


PicMonkey, my favorite Photo Editor came out with their Halloween theme so I thought of playing with it. There were several choices:  Zombies, Day of the Dead, Witches, Demons and Vampire.  Since I want to feel how it is to be Bella Swan (Haha!), I picked Vampire and came up with this.

 There's actually an effect for an alabaster skin (think of the Cullens) but when I used it, we just looked like a bunch of clowns, with ultra-thick foundation, haha!  (Only shows I'm not good at doing make-up, heehee)

By the way, looking at Baby J, he reminds me (sort of) of the baby in Addams Family!  Well, minus the moustache =)  

Image from

If you want to try making your own Halloween-themed photo, please click on PicMonkey's link. =)

Any plans for trick or treating?!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crazy Over Clay

To minimize Ate's use of her tablet and at the same time, to awaken Ate's innate creativity (and I hope she has some, unlike me, haha!), I've bought a few Art materials for her like watercolor, fingerpaint and my most recent purchase, clay!  Among all the things I've mentioned, my favorite is clay!  It kinda serves as a stress reliever for me too, haha!

My first attempt. . . .

You know you did a good job with your clay impression when a toddler gets it!  Woohoo!

Then she asked me to make her baby brother . . . and I wanted to tell her that making one requires more than molding and shaping a clay!  Heehee. . . .Anyway, for her request, I tried my best but I came up with a gingerbreadman (in a jumper!) instead of a baby. 

I love flowers so I made one too . . .

Next in line. . .Apple which I thought was another easy subject . . . 

Then I challenged myself . . .why not make a fruit basket?!

I posted this fruit basket in my FB wall and one of my good friends liked it especially the "Cashew".  The problem is, there was no "cashew" in the basket!  Haha!  I told her that the yellow one was a Mango.  Guess what, she was actually referring to the RED fruit, the Apple!  OMG, we weren't even talking about the same thing!  Haha!  I know, I know I need more practice.  And then another friend of mine thought it was a cashew too!

To prove a point, I thought of looking for some pictures of a cashew (as a fruit and not the ones you eat from the can, heehee).
Image from

Okay girls (D and C), YOU have a point, haha!  As what my friend D said, my apple looks very, VERY good, that it can pass off as a really good-looking cashew!  

Now you know who is enjoying playing with the clay a lot more than Ate. =)

Wishing everyone a happy and colorful day ahead!  
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