Sunday, October 20, 2013

Turning Japanese!

I've always wondered what the waiters and waitresses yell when you enter a Japanese restaurant (and I noticed that they yell together too, haha!).  It sounds like "Ashamaysashe"???!  

Just in case you're wondering too, here's the answer! 

The word is "Irasshaimase!"  It means "Welcome to the store" or "Come In" (Source)

My sister and I tried NIJI Japanese Restaurant in Angeles City (near Clark).  You know that it's a good Japanese restaurant when you see Japanese people eating there, haha!  Before we went there, I googled for some restaurant reviews and I must say, I was satisfied with what I've read that I think the place is worth a visit.   

The restaurant has an extensive menu.  It was so wide that it was overwhelming.  I just gave up and asked our waitress for her suggestions, haha!

It's a big and heavy menu (literally!)

I think there were 12 pages!  See the picture?!
We had the following:

Seafood Croquette
It was okay.  The dip that went with this dish was the Tonkatsu sauce.
We prefer dipping it in Japanese Mayo.

Forgot the name of this Maki but it is one of their bestsellers.
It looks good  right?  But I'll order a California Maki next time, haha!
The Japanese Mayo wasn't just tasty and creamy enough for me.
(The Mayo just doesn't taste like Kewpie's to me)

I loved their Tempura!  If you like a crunchy batter, this is for you.I will definitely order this again!

Sorry, I wasn't able to get the name of this dish.
It has pork strips, tofu (I love tofu!) that has a savory and spicy sauce.
My sister and I loved this too!

Btw, they have good fried rice too!  My sister and I don't eat Sushi and Sashimi but I read from some reviews that their Sushi and Sashimi are fresh.

In case you are in Angeles City and feel like eating some good Japanese food, Niji Restaurant is a good place to satisfy your cravings.  It's located at Don Juico Avenue, Friendship, Angeles City.

By the way, they just opened a branch in San Fernando (along McArthur Highway, near St. Scholastica's Academy).   Good news is, it's near our place!  (Woohoo!)  This only means one thing. . . time to try the other dishes in their menu! Haha!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Sayonara and Goodnight =)

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