Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Name the Object

I am officially a Criminal Case (an adventure game I play in  FB) addict! (Thanks to my friend M, haha!)

I get to play a detective (and feel like a part of CSI) in Criminal Case, find hidden objects and solve a crime.  Not that I want to become a detective!  It's just that I'm used to looking for objects. . . because I tend to misplace things, haha!

While playing this game, I've encountered in my list of "things to find" some objects which I don't know.  For example, Shuriken, Nanchaku and Balaclava!

If you know what they are, give yourself a pat in the back and a star!  

So thanks to this game, these are not just mere objects which I know and I've seen (thanks to my Dad's love of watching Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and Action-packed films!), I can now actually name them! 

Evidence #1 - Nanchaku (I actually know them as Chaku!)
Image Source

Evidence #2 - Shuriken (I can imagine a Black or White Ninja while looking at this photo, haha!)

Evidence #3 - Balaclava (Yep, this headgear actually has a name, hehe)

Image from

Don't you just love it when you learn something new everyday?!

If you like Detective-type of games, try playing Criminal Case in FB.

And if you're my FB friend, please send me some Energy!!!! Haha!

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