Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crazy Over Clay

To minimize Ate's use of her tablet and at the same time, to awaken Ate's innate creativity (and I hope she has some, unlike me, haha!), I've bought a few Art materials for her like watercolor, fingerpaint and my most recent purchase, clay!  Among all the things I've mentioned, my favorite is clay!  It kinda serves as a stress reliever for me too, haha!

My first attempt. . . .

You know you did a good job with your clay impression when a toddler gets it!  Woohoo!

Then she asked me to make her baby brother . . . and I wanted to tell her that making one requires more than molding and shaping a clay!  Heehee. . . .Anyway, for her request, I tried my best but I came up with a gingerbreadman (in a jumper!) instead of a baby. 

I love flowers so I made one too . . .

Next in line. . .Apple which I thought was another easy subject . . . 

Then I challenged myself . . .why not make a fruit basket?!

I posted this fruit basket in my FB wall and one of my good friends liked it especially the "Cashew".  The problem is, there was no "cashew" in the basket!  Haha!  I told her that the yellow one was a Mango.  Guess what, she was actually referring to the RED fruit, the Apple!  OMG, we weren't even talking about the same thing!  Haha!  I know, I know I need more practice.  And then another friend of mine thought it was a cashew too!

To prove a point, I thought of looking for some pictures of a cashew (as a fruit and not the ones you eat from the can, heehee).
Image from

Okay girls (D and C), YOU have a point, haha!  As what my friend D said, my apple looks very, VERY good, that it can pass off as a really good-looking cashew!  

Now you know who is enjoying playing with the clay a lot more than Ate. =)

Wishing everyone a happy and colorful day ahead!  

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