Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few Good Laughs

This is probably one of the funniest (and most embarrassing?) experiences I ever had.  (Just thinking about it makes me laugh again!  Haha!)

We went to my favorite Ramen place (Santouka) yesterday.  When I was about to enter the restaurant, I saw a couple who were waiting to be seated and were browsing the menu.  When the girl looked up, we caught each other's eye and she flashed me a big, warm and sincere smile and she said. . ."Heeeyyyyyy"  and instinctively, I flashed her a big smile too and said "Helloooo!!! I didn't recognize you!".  (She was an acquaintance from the University. . . ummmm, some 20 years ago?! Haha!)  We sounded like really good friends who didn't see each other for a looooong time and were excited to catch up!

But waiiiit. . . the guy with her wasn't her husband!  I looked at the guy again kasi baka her husband lost weight lang. . . but it wasn't really her husband!  Then I realized for a quick few seconds. . . .she actually WAS NOT the girl I thought she was, hahaha!  (And I even had to say "I didn't recognize you!" Toinks!)

ANDDDD judging from her face, I can see that just about the same time, she realized that I wasn't a friend of hers too!  


I think both of us were so shy embarrassed that we weren't looking at each other's direction the whole time we were eating. (Tough luck, our tables were even beside each other!  Haha!)

Yup, it was a good (and funny!) way to cap the weekend!  

What have I learned?  That it's actually nice to share a smile (or a hearty laugh!) with a stranger.

As they say. . . 

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So to the very nice lady in an orange and black top and striped leggings, thank you for making my day!

Oh and for being a pretend friend that day, haha!

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