Friday, June 29, 2012

Wish List

If there's one thing I wish that malls in Philippines would have. . . it would be . . . FAMILY RESTROOMS!

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - family-restroom
Photo Source
I saw the benefit of having family restrooms when I visited Zola's Dad in the US.  We didn't have the Little One back then but I saw the convenience it offered  to parents who have kids in tow.  Parents can help each other with nappy changes and for some with bigger families, it is easier to manage all kids in using the restroom at the same time.

Changing the Little One's nappy in the mall is quite challenging since she does not like lying down in the changing table.  I would gladly welcome an extra pair of hands!  So I got excited when I saw a Family restroom in Marquee Mall! (since family restrooms are not common in the Philippines)  However my excitement was short-lived because it was still closed! *sigh*  But it's okay. . . I'm just glad that somebody has thought of including family restrooms in their facilities.  It's a good start!  

Thanks Ayala Land (they operate Marquee Mall) for making your mall family friendly!  I hope there are more malls who would follow and provide the same amenities =D

Have a nice weekend ahead everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweets for Our Sweet

The Little One celebrated her 1st Birthday a couple of weeks ago . . . just as she makes our world brighter and sweeter, she had a colorful candy-themed party.

There were no fancy booths, no special shows, no magicians. . .just the usual party games made more exciting and more FUN by family and friends.

We couldn't have it any other way . . . it was a celebration (and thanksgiving) for the Little One's Birthday surrounded by the people who have showered us with love, who have offered us their gift of friendship and everyone (blood-related or not) who taught us how to become a family and made us a part of their own.


To our Dear Little One,

It seems like it was only just yesterday when we learned that we are having you.  We were happy, thankful, excited . . .and scared . . .scared that we won't measure up to everybody's expectations. . . including our own.     

Time flies so fast, you're now a year older!  You just continue to amaze and surprise us everyday!  Seeing your smile, hearing your giggles and when you call us "Mama" and "Papa" bring us so much joy.  You are the most wonderful blessing we ever received.

Happy Birthday Little Sweetie. . . we love you very much!

Hugs and Kisses,
Papa and Mama

Photo credit: Shutter Count

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Tummy, Happy Mommy

When Zola’s Dad and I were still dating, one of the things we always argue about . . . is where to eat! Haha!  And it still happens, until this day.  We already came up with a way on how to address this never-ending discussion . . . I give him choices and he decides!  (I’m thankful though that he has the knack of knowing what I want to eat!  So I actually end up eating what I'm really craving for!  Haha!)

So during lunch today (we were at the mall), I narrowed down the list and gave him these choices. . . "Japanese or Chinese food?"  He picked Japanese (I was secretly hoping he would!  Haha!) so we went to Tempura Grill, one of our "go-to" restaurants.

For appetizers, we had the Dynamite Ebi Roll . . . 
It has a crispy Ebi filling, Kani, mango, asparagus and a mild spicy sauce 

It was good, but I wish it had more crrrunch . . .But I'll still order this again =)

Zola's Dad ordered Tori Teriyaki . . .it was just okay.  He prefers his chicken cutlet grilled than fried.

And I had Ameyaki . . .a family favorite! 
Cream Dory Fish fillet with fried shredded potatoes and asparagus spears 

This dish usually comes with spinach but the Kitchen didn't have any so they substituted spinach with asparagus spears.  Love the crunchiness of the shredded potatoes which give this dish texture when you eat it (Haha!  OMG, I'm such a "trying hard" food blogger!)  Bottom line is, I highly recommend this dish! =)

And a personal favorite. . . Tofu Teppanyaki!

It has everything I love. . .tofu, chicken and shiitake mushrooms!  We didn't get to eat this anymore, we were so full, we just took it home! =D  

By the way, we got the last dish for free!  Thanks to our wonderful server who told us about this promo!  For SM Advantage Cardholders, you can get this dish if your bill amounts to Php 1,000.  (If you eat in Tempura Grill, I suggest you ask your server the promos they currently offer)  

Now you know what we're having for dinner! Haha!  

Hope you had a wonderful day today . . . Just like we did  =D  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Feet

The Little One is at a stage where she imitates everything and everyone she sees.  Just this morning, her dad was using his laptop and she was trying to get hold of it.  So we gave her mine . . . and we saw her quietly observing her Papa.

I thought she would start typing away too . . . BUT she has figured her own way of doing it.

I don't remember her Papa doing this! Haha!

THIS looks pretty familiar. . .  I don't know what is with her feet and keyboards!

Have a good week ahead!  

P.S.  One productive thing to do this week. . . you might want to clean your computers/laptops. . .and dust off that keyboard! =)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On gaining weight

Hubby is here for a vacation . . . than means I am too! Haha!  That also means. . . I must have errr gained some weight *sigh* . . .  And in moments like these. . . I turn to Garfield's wisdom on gaining weight (teehee)

Photo Source

Photo Source

Brilliant!!! Haha!  

I could (and would) use these . . .  =)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Now that Zola's Dad is home, we're making up for those times we've been apart (we have one month!) . . . We enjoy each day just simply being together doing family stuff (hence the break in blogging).  Just yesterday, we were at the mall to get some stuff for the Little One and I was telling Zola's Dad how a simple chore like that feels so nice because he is with me!  It feels so frustrating (and yes, sometimes I'm green with envy! Haha!) to see couples holding hands or dads pushing their babies' strollers because that is what I want for me and Zola!    

One of the things I had in my "things-to-do" list was . . . family photos!  Family photos taken by professionals! Heehee

I would like to share with you some photos taken by Shutter Count (one of the nicest people I've worked with!  Thanks again Benj and Rayan!)

I think they took a hundred photos of the Little One ---
without her camera-ready smile
(which by the way doesn't come too often! Haha!)
I'm glad they got this one! *Woohoo*

I love Black and White photos!

Our family picture! *Yayyyy* 

Couldn't wait to see the rest of the photos! *Giddy face*

P.S. Benj, thanks for hiding my arms! Haha!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrapped Around (not in Your Finger)

Mama: And that is why you should not play with Mama's necklace. . . because you will end up wrapping it around your legs.

Little One: And Mama, that is why you shouldn't have given me your necklace.

Note: No harm done on the Little One. . .as for the necklace, it just needs to be stringed again =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

Zola's Dad is home! *Happy Dance* here

I couldn't be happier than right now. . . seeing both of them sleeping . . . in the same room . . . at the same time. . .

Life is sweet . . .

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday! (On having a bad day)

When I was still working, one of the things I don't like about myself is I easily get affected with stress and problems which would then dampen my day.  When I look back, I wonder how many days I've wasted (which could have been good days!) mulling over things which were probably not even "a matter of life and death" important!

 I wish I had this quote plastered on my work area then!  Haha!
Photo Source

Here's to a great week ahead!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is it Tuesday yet?

I love weekends!  But only this once. . . can we fast forward it to Tuesday pleeeaase?!!

Because Zola's Dad is coming home!  *Woohoo*

This is the last picture the Little One (then 2 months old) had with her Dad. . .it was taken just as we were leaving to bring him to the airport.  

Being a new family and being apart is hard and heartbreaking.  I know we will be together in due time. . . we just have to play the waiting game for now and to make most of the time we spend together. 

To My dear Little One, I am so happy and excited for you and your Papa.  You will get to touch his face, and give him your kisses and warm hugs.  Papa would love to get a massage from you too!  You can practice walking with him and you can show him your favorite dolls (Twinkle, Cheeky and Richie).  I am sure he will sing and dance with you too.  You can do all of these and many more!  

And guess what, you won't need a camera to see him (this time). . . because he will be there standing right before your eyes  =)


Comfy Corso Como

I ran some errands and did some "retail therapy" (a little bit for myself and more for the Little One) over the weekend.  I was at the mall today and have been walking for 5 hours (and sat down only when we had lunch).  How did I manage to do it?  No, I'm not physically fit (Noooo!!!) . . . but thanks to the most comfortable flats I have!    

Photo Source

I only discovered Corso Como shoes by chance when I saw them online as I was looking for a pair of flats to buy (since I've become a mom, I think I can never have too many flat shoes, haha!).  These foldable ballerina shoes are made in Brazil.  They have rubber soles and one thing I like most about these shoes is they have sewn in socks (like footsies) which makes them more comfortable to wear.  I feel like I'm walking barefooted (but with socks!).  I also like that they come in a pouch which offers packing convenience when travelling.  And the best part. . . I got them on SALE (50% OFF)!  These are definitely one of my favorite purchases.  Thanks to these flats, I can walk and walk without getting tired (and lazy, haha!) 

Hope you all had a restful weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Dress Me Up"

It's Mommy's and Nang-Nang's (that's what the Little One calls my sister, short for "Ninang" which means godmother) Playtime!

In true back to school fashion (in Philippines, the new School Year starts every June), we borrowed her cousin's old uniform, the Little One wore her new black shoes from Lola E and yes, she even has her own lunch bag (no one forgets the lunch bag!  Haha!)

And so in our make-believe world, she's all set and  ready to go!

But Zola's Dad thinks she is not the least bit interested!  Haha!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lucky Us, Lucky Earrings

The Little One had her ears pierced when she was just days old.  Her first pair (a pair of star earrings) was  from her Pediatrician.  

Just the other day, while putting the Little One to sleep, I saw one of the earrings missing (again!).  We have actually lost count how many times (believe me, too many times) this has happened, but somehow we always find the missing one.  So we looked for it in the bed, under the bed, checked the sheets and pillows, but still couldn't find it.  I guess our luck has ran out and we just let go of it.  

But after two days, somebody saw the pakaw (or "ear nut"---something new I learned today, thanks to Google) in the kitchen floor!  (Whaat?!)  And the day after that, somebody saw (by chance!) the missing earring under our bed, at the far corner of the bed.  I can't believe how lucky we are (again)(I wish I can say the same for the Little One's missing shoe!)   

I'm just soooo happy that we have a complete pair (again!).  And I hope they remain that way for a loooong time! Haha!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Green Day

Ever since I was young, my parents always loved gardening and growing fruit-bearing trees and vegetables.  So growing up, I was fortunate to eat organic vegetables (like corn, eggplant, okra, calamansi) and fruits  (mangoes, star apple, santol, papaya, duhat---"java plum" in English).  And I am thankful to both of them, that I get to enjoy this healthy habit up to this day. . . as they say, some things never change.

This morning, I walked in on the kitchen and saw mom's harvest for the day . . .

And THESE!!!
Btw, these 3 came from the MARKET. . .Haha!
And this jackfruit (I know, it's super sized!) was given by a family friend

 The Game Plan . . . err I meant Meal Plan? 
 - The talbos ng kamote (one of my fave veggies) will be prepared as a salad to go with fried fish
 - Mashed sayote for the Little One
 - Upo for Dad's Pesang Isda (Fish soup)
 - Sauteed string beans for tomorrow's lunch
 - The mangoes are well. . . mangoes, haha!    
- As for the super size jackfruit (a favorite fruit of mine), some of it will be eaten fresh and some, to be used for the Ginataang Halo-Halo, a famous Filipino dessert that is also served as merienda (snacks).

Whew!  I guess we're already set for the most part of the week!

Hope you had a veggie wonderful day!

I wonder what tomorrow brings . . . to the table =)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dove is Love

I had my hair colored a few months ago and I've been meaning to get a hair treatment but just couldn't find the time. . .now, my hair has become dull, dry and blah.

Angel Jacob's commercial (and hair!) below made me want to try Dove's Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.  

I wish I had a "Before" picture but I can only share the "After"  . . .

This photo was taken 3 hours after I used the product and no, I didn't blow dry my hair.  I just dried it with a standard fan.  Not to sound like a  commercial, but these Dove hair products really made my hair soft, manageable and saved me from some flyaway hair.  It's looove!  (LOL)    

Photo Source
I know there are so many hair (and beauty) products available in the market.  Trying and using them is a matter of personal taste and suitability.  I hope you'll like Dove as much as I do.

I'm a Dove Girl and I love it! (too)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Nice to meet you, PicMonkey!

I am in photo edit heaven. . .all because of PicMonkey!  You may have heard (and may have used it) about it already but I just learned about PicMonkey through Mommy Fleur's blog

I tried playing (I mean editing) photos with it this morning and it is quite. . . nah . . .IT IS addicting!  This is the just the second photo editor I've used but I definitely prefer this.  PicMonkey is simpler to use, has cooler effects and better lay-out for collages (in my book).   

Their touch up feature has the works!  It has something for the . . .


For the eyes and mouth

And get this . . .even for weight?!!! LOL

(you get to choose how many weight percentage you want to gain or lose) 

The Weight Loss (ofcourse, teehee) was the first thing I tried. . . but I couldn't tell the difference, haha!  But still, I think it's pretty cool they thought about that!

Next to try: Collages!

I looove PicMonkey!

If you want to meet him and have fun with your photos, please click here.

Happy Weekend everyone!

P.S. If you know of a better photo editor, please let me know =)

Delightful Decals

Warning: This post is "Pinterest-ish"

If only we have bare walls at home, I will go crazy decorating them with WALL DECALS!  They are one of the less expensive things to buy if you want to decorate (or re-decorate) your homes.

They can fancify walls in the bedrooms . . .

Photo Source
the Living room . . .
Photo Source

Kitchen . . .
Wall Stickers For Kitchen Design
Photo Source

There are even decals for the bathroom!
Photo Source
Photo Source
These stickers can do wonders . . .

Imagine having Cherry Blossoms in your room . . .
F027_ (1)
Photo Source
or even the Eiffel Tower!
Photo Source

You can also have your own Zen corner . . .
Photo Source

You also get savings from these stickies because you don't even have to buy other stuff like . . .

A chandelier . . .
Photo Source

or a headboard . . .Haha!
Photo Source

They sure do bring out our creativity and imagination. . .

So many wall decals to choose from . . . .and no walls to put them *Sigh*

Time to peel the wall paper!!!
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