Saturday, September 1, 2012


The Little One and I are leaving for the City of Angels to visit her Dad (Woohoo!). . . So okay, I have  1 more day. . . to finish packing!  I'm getting there, I'm getting there!  That's me. . .doing things at the last minute (okay, not last minute. . . but just in time, Haha!)  I am not really the most organized person you would ever meet (but I try hard though, heehee).  If it was my husband, he must have started packing at least two weeks before the trip!  Yes, you can say that we are completely opposite!  (Thank God, he puts some order in my life! Haha!)

For this trip, I got some travel accessories that made packing easier.

I saw these cute nylon bags at the Landmark Department Store.  A set contains 3 bags for shoes, 1 bag for undergarments and 1 for electrical stuff.

When I travel, I also bring some of my accessories.  Usually, I just dump them in a pouch, and untangle them (which have then become a messy bundle after the long flight) when I unpack.  So when I saw this electrical gadget organizer at Beabi, I thought it would also serve as a  nice accessory organizer.   

AND  most importantly, I got this! 

Sold at Ace Hardware

 In my previous trips, I just weigh everything first (using the vegetable scale we have at home!) and just add up everything before I put my stuff in the luggage.  Well, enough of this inefficiency, so I got myself a baggage scale (and I don't know why I just didn't buy in this in the first place!  Haha!)  

I think this is an important travel accessory every Filipino traveler should have. . .because we tend to maximize (and most often, exceed) the baggage allowance, heehee.

I'll be done tomorrow (promise!). . .I just have to get one or two more stuff in my list.

Hope you had a productive day today and enjoy your weekend! =D

*For more information about Beabi's products and store locations, please visit their website or their FB page.

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