Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let's Do This!

I've already heard this quote from my sister (she read it somewhere) . . .and saw a friend post (thanks B!) this in her FB wall . . .

So we're going to make some new memories next week!

In one of my favorite cities in the Philippines. . . . =)

Will keep you posted!  

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift Ideas for Kids

Can you believe it, there are only 25 days, 1 hour and 16 mins (as I'm writing this post) to go until Christmas!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?  I have a few more to go and hopefully, I get to finish my list this weekend.  One of the things I love doing is shopping Christmas gifts for kids.  It gives you the feeling of how it is to be Santa!  Hahaha!  

I mean. . .HOHOHO!  (Haha!)

There is just something about Christmas that makes it magical for children.

And since Christmas is also known to be a season for Sharing, I will share with you one of my favorite Holiday gift finds for Kids.

I've read about the personalized storybooks by Look It's About Me in the mommy blogs I've been following. So I went to their website and found other personalized items that are also nice gift ideas such as coloring books, wrapping paper, wall art and placemats.

Want to see what I ordered from them?

These laminated placemats measure 11.5" X 17.5".  There are other designs available in the website.

I just wish the size of the name in this particular design
was bigger so it's more noticeable.

Ordering online was such a breeze!  Delivery time is 7-10 business days for deliveries within Philippines (plus a couple of days more if it is being delivered to the province I guess).  Clients also have the option to pick up their orders at their office too.  By the way, they also accommodate international shipping!

I love everything about Look It's About Me (their products, online shopping experience, from purchase to delivery). . . I have yet to order Ate's story book!  I am sure she would be delighted (and excited!) to see her name (and her friends' too!) written in her own storybook!

For more details, please click here to go to their website and here for their FB page.

Friday, November 22, 2013

For the second time. . .

There are some things in my life which I want to experience again. . . and hearing the word "Mama" for the first time would be high up there on the list.

Our little man has learned to say "Mama" just about the same time as his big sister, they were both about to turn eight months. (I blogged about Ate's moment here)

It just happened one day =). . . .and hearing it again was as exciting and memorable as the first time!

Baby J always wakes up  in the morning this way. . . with a smile!

He loves, LOVES  to eat (errrr, like his mom?, heehee), I think his next word would probably be "milk"! Haha!

You always brighten my day sweetheart. . . I love you (and Ate) to the moon and back!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Was checking for a Wi-Fi spot in a mall when I saw one particular network that caught my attention . . . 

*NBI stands for National Bureau of Investigation, equivalent to FBI

And I thought one should be discreet when doing a surveillance??? 

Would be interesting to know if there is indeed a stakeout happening in the area, haha!  How exciting!

Or probably someone just thought of using this name for fun =)

Give Me a Break!

During the height of the Pork Barrel Scandal (which has taken a back seat for now because of Typhoon Yolanda coverage), while watching the News, my father told me that I look like the Mastermind Queen herself, Janet Napoles!  Daaaaadddd, seriously?!!! (Oh yes, goes without saying that there was a violent reaction from me!)  

So I thought of putting our faces beside each other to see for myself and mostly to disprove my father's statement!  Haha!

To be fair to Ms. Napoles, I tried looking for a picture of her where she was smiling. . . and there were a few, or less than a few, haha!

My father always told me I'm beautiful (like all parents tell their children) and I know him to be an honest person . . .and that parents know better than their children.  

But in this case, sorry Dad, I refuse to believe you.  Haha!

Because . . .

Photo from

I am not a pig! =)

To know more about the the Janet Lim-Napoles Pork Barrel Scandal, here is a helpful timeline from

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Mannequin

Growing Over the weekend, Ate found a long, lost brother. . . .from another mother.


I don't know if she just misses her little brother (he stayed at home) . . .

 or she noticed that this boy's hair is like hers. . .a mop of black hair!

Which can only mean two things:  The mannequin wears a beautiful wig that looks like the real thing OR Ate's hair looks like a wig?!  Haha!

Take your pick . . . 

On Making a Difference

It has been over a week now since tropical cyclone Yolanda (recorded as one of world's strongest typhoon, if not the strongest) hit our country (Philippines) which greatly affected Eastern Visayas (Leyte, Samar, Capiz, Iloilo, Palawan).

It is truly heartbreaking to see the devastation brought by this Super Typhoon. . . most especially the pain and anguish of the survivors brought about by the loss of the their loved ones.

Heartbreaking . . . yet heartwarming at the same time.  Amidst the chaos in this tragedy, one gets to see, read and hear stories (and there are many!) that are inspiring and uplifting.  

I am sharing with you one of the many stories which I've read in FB that tugged my heart strings.  

These kids don't have a lot (may not even have enough) but made a way to contribute and empathize with the survivors.  These kids have shown that there are more ways than one to help those who need it the most. 

As what a person close to me said, "The needs are enormous; no matter how much we can do, it is a drop in the bucket.  But many "drops" can help make a difference."

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!  Here's to making a difference! 



A touching story from MAYETTE CINCO. Even street kids donate what they can to the typhoon victims, despite their poor conditions. How can we not help?

Bigas, Sardinas at Trenta Pesos...
The boys and i decided to drop by the grocery after church this afternoon to buy the stuff we would be sending to Tacloban City tomorrow. Nearing our house, We saw five Tawi kids waiting for us at the gate. With a smile they greeted us and handed me a small paper bag and said ' Pakisama nyo pa po ito sa ipadadala nyo bukas sa mga binagyo. Nangalakal po kami para din sa kanila..Sana po makatulong.' I opened the bag and saw a kilo of rice, 2 sardines and three ten peso coins..Ung trenta po pambili nila duon ng tinapay para hindi mayupi sa byahe.' I held the precious bag so tight & assured the boys that their donation will surely help kids in Tacloban. I know how hard they worked today just so they could share. It's not easy being chased by dogs & cops and be bullied by all sorts of 'tambays' in the streets of Rizal..Not easy to walk the entire day looking for scraps in every street garbage drums..but they braved the heat of the sun and all other challenges just to come up with what they think would be of help to others..I said to myself, nahihiya ako sa kanila..hindi ako naaawa, humahanga ako kasi hindi lahat kayang magbigay ng may kalakip na often we give from our spare..but these kids gave out of the only things they've got..Reminds me of the poor widow who gave 2 pennies for the Lord..She gave her all for the Master and that made all the difference... God bless, beautiful children of the Savior..."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don't look back =)

Sometimes we are so caught up with our past that we don't see the gift that a brand new day brings.

Smile and be inspired!

Have a good day. . . and an amazing life! =)

Meeting Victoria

Ate has familiarized herself with some brand logos such as
Image from
Image from

Image from

I know, they're all about food!  Haha!

This morning, she learned something new!

We were in the car and while I was driving, I suddenly heard Ate say "Sssshhhhh" and made a shush gesture. I was wondering why she did. . . until I got a glimpse of a banner of . . . .

Image from


For our friends who don't reside in the Philippines and are not familiar with this logo, Victoria Court is a popular chain of drive-in motels in our country . . .  where they value privacy. . . and secrecy, haha!

But for now, for Ate,  it just simply means. . . to be Quiet. 

Wishing everyone a good night, sleep well and sweet dreams.  =)

Sssshhhh. . . .

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Image from www.bhmpics,com

My Father loves, LOVES watching war films.  I guess because he is a frustrated Military man.  Sometimes he would say that he could have been a General by now (and we tell him, OR you could have been dead too!) but he chose to give up a promising Military career because of us.  At that time, his family was growing and he just couldn't imagine being away from us.

He may look strict (he is actually, haha!) but he is also sweet.  He is a disciplinarian and can be a spoiler too. (Yes, he still spoils me sometimes).   I think children never grow up in the eyes of their parents.  He cares for us so much . . .  that sometimes I feel like I'm still in High School, haha!    

Thank you Daddy for giving up something you love just so you can give us everything.
Thank you Daddy for showing me what makes a good husband and a good father.
Thank you for the never ending love and care that you give and show us.
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

On your special day, I wish you good health and lots of precious moments in each day that comes.

To the first man I ever loved . . . Happy Birthday Daddy dearest!

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