Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Give Me a Break!

During the height of the Pork Barrel Scandal (which has taken a back seat for now because of Typhoon Yolanda coverage), while watching the News, my father told me that I look like the Mastermind Queen herself, Janet Napoles!  Daaaaadddd, seriously?!!! (Oh yes, goes without saying that there was a violent reaction from me!)  

So I thought of putting our faces beside each other to see for myself and mostly to disprove my father's statement!  Haha!

To be fair to Ms. Napoles, I tried looking for a picture of her where she was smiling. . . and there were a few, or less than a few, haha!

My father always told me I'm beautiful (like all parents tell their children) and I know him to be an honest person . . .and that parents know better than their children.  

But in this case, sorry Dad, I refuse to believe you.  Haha!

Because . . .

Photo from www.fashionpulis.com

I am not a pig! =)

To know more about the the Janet Lim-Napoles Pork Barrel Scandal, here is a helpful timeline from Rappler.com.

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