Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meeting Victoria

Ate has familiarized herself with some brand logos such as
Image from
Image from

Image from

I know, they're all about food!  Haha!

This morning, she learned something new!

We were in the car and while I was driving, I suddenly heard Ate say "Sssshhhhh" and made a shush gesture. I was wondering why she did. . . until I got a glimpse of a banner of . . . .

Image from


For our friends who don't reside in the Philippines and are not familiar with this logo, Victoria Court is a popular chain of drive-in motels in our country . . .  where they value privacy. . . and secrecy, haha!

But for now, for Ate,  it just simply means. . . to be Quiet. 

Wishing everyone a good night, sleep well and sweet dreams.  =)

Sssshhhh. . . .

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