Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bangkok Adventure: Shopping and Pasalubong Mini-Guide

SHOPPING!!!!  It is probably a woman's favorite therapy (retail that is!) and cardio exercise, haha!

Bangkok is a good destination for shopping (and eating, such a perfect combination!).  It has a plethora of shopping places that won't break your budget, from malls to different kinds of markets. 

Here are some shopping places in Bangkok which we went to:

1) Siam Paragon Mall - If you plan to do some luxurious shopping (along the lines of Balenciaga and Chanel), this place is for you (not for us, haha!).  There are also popular clothing brands found in this mall like GAP, Zara and H & M.

We went to this mall was because we took the kids to Kidzania (where they had a LOT of fun!  If you have young kids who don't care about food and shopping, this is a good place for them to bring to).  I wasn't able to take lots of photos but here are some of those I took.

They have a food court at the Ground Floor (my favorite among all the food courts we've been to) and nice restaurants on the 4th level (pictured below) of the mall.

*The floor levels in this mall can be tricky because Ground Floor is different from the Main Floor and 1st Floor.   

I would love to come back to this mall to check out their Gourmet Market and for some food tripping!

Besides Kidzania, this mall also houses the Sealife Ocean World located at the Basement of the mall. 

By the way, fyi, there is another mall which is called SIAM CENTER.  Just in case you want to go to either of them, just be clear if it is Siam PARAGON or Siam CENTER.

For more details about Siam Paragon (and the mall directory), please visit their website.

2) Krung Thong Plaza

To my fellow plus-size women, REJOICE!!! (Insert Handel's Hallelujah song here)

If you think Bangkok is just for slender women, HA!  Those days are overrrrr! Haha!

I think majority of the stalls here in this mall cater to plus-size women.  I like that there is a wide variety of  choices for dresses, tops, pants, shorts, casual and lounge wear, etc. that are fashionable, modern and stylish.

To get a wholesale price, I suggest you buy at least 2 items (I think this will not be a problem, haha).  I got some tops which average around US$7).  Just to give you a heads up, no fitting is allowed.  But you know what, some of the sellers have a good eye (and how I wish that they are friendlier, some are) because they know what size you are just by looking at you.

At the main entrance of the mall, you will see a stall which sells gold plated earrings (among many others) that are of good quality. 

Khun Pramote, the owner, super nice guy!

You can say that this is my favorite mall because looking clothes for my size is not a problem!  Haha!

Krung Thong Plaza
(across Platinum Mall)
813/8, Petchaburi Rd, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

3) Platinum Mall
Platinum Mall is one of the more popular shopping places in Bangkok.  By the way, there is a bridgeway connecting Krung Thong to Platinum Mall.  

We got some shawls from this very nice Thai lady who was one of the nicest people we have met in our trip.  She gave us a discount because she said we were her lucky customers.  She was happy because after we came, there were like 4 or 5 customers that came in after us, haha, such a sweet lady.

I found these accessories that have initials in them in one of the stalls.

We also got some Thai souvenirs in one of the shops.

4)MBK Center
MBK is another popular shopping mall in Bangkok.  Personally, I like this better than Platinum Mall. 
There is also another department (Tokyu) store attached to MBK Center.  

For Thai souvenirs and crafts, this is a good place to go to because they have more shops (all together in one floor) which sell different kinds of things compared to Platinum.

I got some throw pillow covers and tissue box covers from here.

MBK Center
Phayathai Rd, Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

5) Big C Supercenter
I know some people who don't like grocery shopping, but for me, I looovve it!  I can just go around and browse the aisles and check out stuff.  So whenever I travel and visit a place, I love going to the its supermarket because it is a good place  to buy local goods like food, snacks, etc.  And in Bangkok, Big C (one of the biggest supermarket chains in Bangkok) is the place to go to.

Eyes open wide . . .

Heart palpitates. . . 

My happy place! Haha!

So we brought home a luggage (or two?) full of goodies!

We also bought Thai flavored instant noodles (I know instant noodles are bad but we just have to try, haha) and different Thai dish mixes and sauces.

Beside Thai arts and crafts souvenirs, the supermarket is a good place to do some pasalubong shopping.

Oh by the way, you have to buy Nestea's Thai Milk Tea Powder because it is good!  I am not fond of Thai Milk tea in general but I like Nestea's because it has a milder herbal taste.  If you want to have a taste before buying it, there are some food courts that sell this as a drink.

You can also get a VAT refund in the supermarket but you need to bring your passport to do so.  

Big C Supercenter
(opposite Central World)
97/11 Rajdamri Rd. Lumpini, Pathumwan

6) Pantip Plaza 
This is known as Bangkok's IT Shopping mall.  I haven't been to this mall and I just got these pictures from hubby who checked out the place.

Pantip Plaza
604/3. Ratchathewi, Bangkok

6)Suvarnbhumi Internationl Airport 
For last minute shopping, you can find different things at the airport.  You will see shops like the one pictured below that sell Thai snacks and food.   We even bought Sticky Rice Mango to bring back home, haha!

More shopping choices . . . 

In this post's title, I wrote "Mini Guide" because this is not an extensive guide to the different shopping areas in the city.  These are just the places we have been to and believe me, we have only been to a few (and we didn't even get the chance to fully explore each place!).  

There are just so many things to do, so many shopping places to conquer! Haha!

There is definitely a lot more to cover. . . which we will. . . in the future!

My dear Bangkok, I will see you again! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Patchawaran's - Thai Food Trip in Pampanga

I am taking a break from writing my Bangkok Adventure posts (there are two more coming up!) but I am here to give you another one . . . and it is about Thai food! (Thai pa rin talaga! Haha)

Since we didn't get enough Thai food in Bangkok, we got our fill and ate to our heart's' content back home in  . . . Pampanga! 

My sister heard about this Thai restaurant in Angeles City from her friends and told me about it. According to the waitress who took care of us, the restaurant has been operating for six years now.  It was previously known as Chiangmai Restaurant.  I am just not sure if the change in name meant change in ownership.  One thing is for sure though, they serve good, authentic Thai food because it is owned by a Thai lady who personally cooks all the dishes being served.   

The restaurant (a bungalow house) is located in a residential area.  The place doesn't have a parking area (it is street parking) so this can be a problem especially when it is peak time.  I am glad we went for a late lunch.  You know the place has made quite an impression when you see someone bring a group of Korean tourists there after a game of golf.  

So through this post, I want to bring you too to . . .  Patcharawan's Thai Restaurant!

Facade of the restaurant

This is the dining area when you enter the red gate, it is the al fresco part of the restaurant.

We were seated in the air conditioned area.

The restaurant's menu has more than enough good choices.  You get to choose what meat you want for the Thai dishes.  The menu even has International dishes (Singaporean, Malaysian and Mexican!  I know, I wasn't expecting the Mexican part, haha).

We came with a good appetite and ordered the following:

1) Shrimp and Squid Salad - it was refreshing, loved the dressing and the succulent shrimps!  And big too I must say.  I wish the squid were more tender though.

2) Fried Rice with Chicken - when we go out, we have to order Fried rice for the kids.  I also wanted to order Bagoong Rice but it wasn't available that day.

3) Grilled Chicken Satay - LOVE it!  The chicken was tender and the satay sauce was good!

4) Phad See Lew (pronounced as Pad See You) - I wish we ordered Phad Thai instead, haha!  This is actually me and hubby's favorite Thai Noodle dish so I am already expecting this particular taste which (sadly) we didn't get in this dish.  I found it dry too.

5) Chicken Stir Fry with Basil - another winner!  

And of course, we had to try one of their curries so we ordered. . . 

6) Chiangmai Curry - This curry dish tastes like peanut-ty and has a hint of sweetness, similar to the satay sauce. 

And you know what the BEST part about this meal?!!!  The price!  Our total bill (food plus plain rice and drinks) came out to Php1,300 only (around US$26)!   

For the quality and quantity of food you get and the price you pay, this place is a winner!

If there is one thing I would suggest is for them to have more wait staff ( or probably we came in after lunch time so the others are on break?)  But I have to say that the staff were nice and they were trying their best to manage all the tables.

So if ever you are in Angeles City and are craving for some Thai food, this is a good place to go to!

Happy Food Tripping!

(Oh my gosh, writing this post made me hungry, seriously. I want some Thai food now, haha! )

Patcharawan's Thai Restaurant
26B Malabanias Road
Angeles City
Mobile No. (63) 9205310378
FB Page (not sure if this is their official page)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bangkok Adventure: Food Diary

As a follow up to my last post, I am going to share with you some of our food adventures.  Honestly we were not able to do much "culinary exploration" in Bangkok (fancy name lang for food tripping, haha) as much as we would like to because there are some days when we are just too tired to go out, haha!

Here are snapshots from our food diary:

We only saw a limited number of street food during our stay in the city as we did not have enough time to go on a Street Food adventure.

(I googled and am saving this blog post about Street Food in Bangkok from for future reference!)

When we went to the Night Market across our hotel, we tried this BBQ pork sausage which hubby liked because it tasted like our the Pinoy Vigan longganisa.

We also tried fresh fruits.  The watermelon and pineapple (I love that its core was crunchy) were just okay.  All the fruits were refreshing but the melon was our favorite because it was sweet! 

Fresh fruits come with a dip that consists of sugar, salt and chilies.

There was one evening where we just bought food in the different food stalls that we found near our hotel and just ate at our room. (Picnic!!!) 

The Chicken satay was good!

Across the Platinum Mall, we saw this place that sells Chicken Rice (similar to Singapore's Hainanese Chicken) that is a favorite among the locals.  Personally I am not fond of any kind of Hainanese Chicken but if I have to choose between Singapore and Bangkok's version, I would pick Singapore. 😁

But it is always a good idea to try local favorites right?! 😄

Lining up for Take-Out (or Take Away as the locals say)

Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam
Hainanese Chicken Rice
966 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, 
Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 
10400, Thailand
(across Platinum Mall)
*just look out for the pink logo and the staff wearing pink 😁

Beside the Chicken place is a stall that sells Mango Sticky Rice (a must eat when in Bangkok!)

We also ordered Oyster Omelette, Thai Basil Chicken and a Noodle dish from this man. 

One morning, I saw these fresh fruits and just had to buy Lanzones and Mangosteen (both were sweeettt!) because I miss having them!  These are some of the fruits I miss eating since moving to LA.  I wanted to buy the Atis (custard apple) but I wasn't willing to pay the price for it, haha! 😆  Besides, the seller said they were not in season (so they might not be sweet then.  Thank you to her for being honest!)

We have also tried several food courts and my most favorite is the Paragon Food Hall located at Siam Paragon Mall because it's big and it has a wide range of food choices.

Tip: Some food courts do not accept cash.  You have to avail of a prepaid card from a counter and load it up.  I suggest you go around first to see what you like and how much it would cost so you have an idea on the amount you need.    If you have a remaining balance on your card, you can just ask for a monetary refund from the cashier after.

Just like Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai is synonymous with Bangkok.

I can never get enough of this Thai iced dessert!  I think I ate it three times during our stay!  It is a mix of different sweet treats like jack fruit, sweet potato, taro, corn, water chestnuts (my fave!) , tapioca, gelatin, etc. and then bathed in coconut milk.

And because we couldn't get enough of Mango Sticky Rice (haha!), we just had to try Dairy Queen's interpretation of this Thai food speciatly in Blizzard form! 

I know, it sounds weird and you could not imagine having sticky in your ice cream but you know what, this rocks!  You have to try it. 

It makes me (and my tummy! Haha) sad that we weren't able to try more culinary delights that Bangkok has to offer.  It is truly a food haven that is rich both in sweet and savory treats!

This can only mean one thing. . . . I see another trip to Bangkok in the future! Haha!

And if you go to Bangkok, I wish you a food trip that would make  your tummies happy!  Enjoy!
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