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Summer Destination: Hotel Luna in Vigan

My father never liked travelling by plane and by boat. . . at all!  I think besides it being included in his list of "Worst Ways To Die", he just really doesn't like being away from home.  The only time he left (with my mom) to travel was when he went to the US (I think I was 12 years old that time). It was a very important trip that he MUST take.  And since my parents were out of the country, they thought they might as well include a few cities in Europe.  Well, I'm glad they did because that was the last time he went overseas!

But one thing he doesn't mind doing is take road trips.

My family (my parents and siblings) was actually thinking of going to Ilocos with me and Hubby (we were planning to visit his grandmother) last month but somehow it didn't happen.  Looking back, I'm glad it didn't because he started not feeling well the day we left for Ilocos.  

(We took a vacation in PH for close to a month last April.  During the last week of our vacation, he got hospitalized twice.  He got out of the hospital a couple of days before we are scheduled to leave for LA.  I think he mustered all his strength so he can bring us to the airport---which he did.  When we were saying our goodbyes, I hugged him and told him that he owes me a trip to Baguio and that we would do more fun stuff the next time we come back.  After a couple of days, he passed away . . . and I went back home to see him for the last time).

I wish I had the chance to take more road trips with him.  As fate would have it, he went ahead and took a long journey.

Daddy, I hope you are resting well.  I know you miss our home but I am sure you are having the best accommodations you can ever ask for.  We miss you everyday. 

* I started writing this blog post before Dad passed away and never got the chance to finish it until today.  I wish Daddy had the chance to stay in this hotel because I am sure he'll enjoy. . . the breakfast buffet! =)

Every time we go home to Philippines, we visit Hubby's grandparents (his mom's side of the family) who live in Ilocos Sur (which is around 320 kilometers away from where we live),  During our visit last year, we stayed at our favorite hotel in Vigan,  Then we saw a newly opened hotel which looked nice so we took note of it and thought of trying it the next time we go to Ilocos.  And that is exactly what we did last month.

Welcome to Hotel Luna!

As they say, first impressions last.  This hotel did a good job in making a lasting one the minute I entered the hotel lobby.  What I like about this hotel is it blends the old with a touch of modern elegance.

The ceiling in the lobby was adorned by a beautiful sun made of bronze and its rays are made of carved wood.  I've read from an Inquirer article that this piece was made by Mulawin Abueva, the son of our country's National Artist for Sculpture, Napoleon Abueva.

I've read that this heritage property was built in 1882 and was given as a wedding gift by Don Jose Florentino to his daughter.  This hotel is hailed as the only museum-hotel in the country because you get to see various Art works/masterpieces displayed around the hotel (you will even see an Orlina glass sculpture piece in Comedor where we have breakfast every monring) done by National and contemporary Artists.

Piece by Ramon Orlina

Piece by Guillermo Tolentino

Stairs leading to the Second Floor . . .

where you can find a sala which serves as a gallery for various Art pieces. 

Some of which include the works of
Cesar Legaspi

Fernando Amorsolo

Face to face with a Juan Luna Painting from the 1880s

Ben Cab

In the courtyard, you will see a 3D mural wall by Rene Robles which shows famous landmarks of Ilocos Sur.  (I wish I've gotten a better picture!)

A staff of the hotel told me that only 30% of the original structure has been renovated.  Can you imagine that there were people from the 1880s who also touched these walls?  

If only these walls could talk . . . .

This is the new addition to the heritage property . . . four levels of hotel accommodations which include 44 guest rooms and a number of suites.


For our group (3 adults and 2 toddlers), I got a Double Queen Deluxe Rooms.  The published price for this room is Php 6,000/night . . . but I got mine for Php,3.500 which includes buffet breakfast for 3 adults! (Yayyy!)  Thanks to www.asiatravel.com!  (This is my favorite booking site for hotels)

I love the room because it's clean!

It came with a separate toilet and bath.

"Mama, I want to rest"

We were impressed with the toilet seat the hotel used because it is those kind that you see in Japan (yep, those things that come with buttons, temperature and this even had a water jet adjustment!)

Breakfast was served in Comedor.  I was surprised with how extensive the buffet spread was.  They had cereals, bread, salad, soup, hot dishes (around 7-8 hot dishes).  There's even an egg and pancake/waffle station. (Burp!  Excuse me. . . )

For walk-in guests, buffet breakfast is priced at Php 495 (if I remember it right)---super worth it!

There was a lot of food but I am already happy with the danggit (dried fish) and dried pusit (squid)!  (Don't forget the vinegar!)

While Hubby was happy with the Vigan Longganisa (which I loved too) and Bacon! =)

Besides Comedor, the hotel also has a bar (Chula Saloon Bar) where you can go for some drinks, bar chow, good for a nightcap.

The hotel also has a Roof deck which has lounge seats which is perfect for late afternoons.  I think this can be rented for private events too.

But more than the beautiful hotel and its facilities, I am impressed with the kind of service that all the hotel staff (every single one!) I have dealt with have shown.  And this just gives me enough reason to go back to Hotel Luna next time.   I highly recommend this hotel!

For more details about Hotel Luna, please visit their web page. and FB page.

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