Sunday, May 24, 2015

Late Post: One day in Tagaytay

I have been reviewing my draft folder for half written posts.  Let's say I am decluttering my digital life!  (Found the perfect time, while the kids are sleeping)

This is definitely a super, duper late post!  I think I started writing this a couple of years ago! Haha! (read: procrastination!)


One of the things I learned from my married friends is the importance of having some Mom and Dad "alone time".  When couples have children, we tend to (we actually do) "forget" our respective partners because everything is all about the kids. . . they become the center of our universe.  And raising kids means . . . you need lots of energy!  Yep, those adorable faces with tiny hands and feet can suck the life out of us!  Haha!  We get so tired that at the end of the day, there's nothing left to give to your partner.

We try very hard to become the best parents to them, but we should not forget to be the best partners to our better halves too.     

So when Hubby went to Philippines for vacation, we went to Tagaytay for an overnight stay for some "us" time.  We went to Carlo's Pizza for some merienda . . . 

Our view. . .

Our conversation. . .

Me: Akala ko ba perfect cone ang Mayon, eh parang hindi naman! (I was saying this with my as a matter of fact voice)

Hubby: Baby, Taal Volcano yan eh.  Yung Mayon nasa Albay.

TOINKS!  Hahaha!

I knew I needed my caffeine fix!

So guess where our next stop was. . . STARBUCKS!

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