Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pampanga Eats: Comfort Food at Tollhouse

Comfort Food to me means food that well. . . give us comfort, haha!  It is something we love to eat because it makes us feel better or they are tied to a certain happy memory.  All these things I've mentioned sum up what we had for lunch today at Tollhouse, one of our local favorite eating places in Pampanga.

Side story. . .

In my lifetime, I only attended one JS prom.  I had one when I was a Junior in High School.  I could have attended a second one, if only I said yes to that nice guy (from another school) who asked me but I was too shy to say yes!  There are two things I remember from that Prom night.  

First, my prom date.  I attended an All-Girls Catholic High School so I really don't know any boys I can ask for the prom!  But thanks to my best friend, it wasn't a problem at all!  What happened was my bestfriend and I swapped (elder) brothers, haha! But I got a better bargain because I sort of had a little crush on her brother.  *sheepish smile here*

Second, the caterer which is Tollhouse.  I know, of all things to remember, right?!  Haha!  I remember loving their Baked Macaroni!  During those times (in the 90s), Tollhouse was actually famous (still is) for this comfort food.  

So my sister and I thought of revisiting Tollhouse (they opened a branch in Marquee mall) today for lunch and ordered their Baked Macaroni of course. . . 

It was okay, I remember it being cheesier though.  This Baked Mac is done the Filipino way so it is sweetish.  I can say that it is still good since it is picky eater/toddler-approved!  The Princess loved the Bechamel sauce. 

I ordered Pancit Canton for the Princess (she loves noodles!) - it was on the salty side but it still tastes good, haha!  But we just took it home so we can "work" on it.

And my sister had a Combination BBQ . . . which tastes good though I wish the meat was more tender.

It came with a small serving of Macaroni which looked ho-hum BUT it is surprisingly good, haha!

I ordered Tropical Chicken too because to me, this is comfort food at its best. . . creamy chicken with mashed potatoes!

The Pork Thai Fried Rice in the menu sounded good and something we don't usually order except in a Thai restaurant, haha!  So we tried it.

And it was GOOOOOD!!!!  Our top pick for lunch today!

How do I describe food in Tollhouse?  It is something you would eat at a friend's house and cooked by Mom . . .and that makes it special. =)  That to me counts as comfort food.  

There were just 3 of us so it goes without saying that we had leftovers for dinner! Haha!

Another thing I love about it is you get your money's worth.  For the price you pay and for the kind of food you get, it is worth it! Our total bill (all these food plus 2 soda)  was Php 605 (US$ 14) only!  

There are other items in the menu that are worth trying which only means. . . we are definitely going back.

For more details about Tollhouse, please visit their FB page

You may visit their branches at:

Main Branch - Sto. Rosario St., Angeles City (Tel. No. 045-323-4162)
Marquee Mall branch - located at Ground Floor, near KFC

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