Monday, May 4, 2015

Missing Daddy

Dearest Daddy,

I couldn't remember when was the last time I wrote a letter to you.  I love writing letters when I was growing up but then my life got busier as I got older that I've stopped doing it.  So here I am, writing one (after a long time) to you because I miss you so much!  Please, please visit me in my dreams.  I miss talking to you.  

It's been four days since we laid you to rest in your new home.  There were lots of family and friends who came to see you for the last time.  The love and support from everyone was overwhelming.  Do you know what was the hardest thing we had to do that day?  It was looking at you for the last time and saying goodbye.  

The thought that I cannot hold or touch you anymore pains me.  One of the things I'll miss most is holding your hands.  Holding them always give me a feeling of being loved and being safe.  They are the hands of a hardworking man yet they're soft and smooth like a woman's.  I wish I was holding them that day you left us.    Now, I can only hold on to the good memories we have shared.  Thank you for giving them to me because they comfort me when I feel heartbroken.

A friend said that we never really overcome the death of a loved one, we just learn how to cope with the loss and the pain.  We are still getting used to not seeing you at home.  It feels strange actually. We are trying to be strong but sometimes we have our "moments" then our emotions get the better of us. 

C (a friend of mine) went to visit me at home the day we buried you.  Just as she was about to leave our house, she told me that she felt your presence (she has a gift) because the hair on her arms and nape rose.  I was sooo happy to hear that because it meant you were with us.  When she told me you were at the pasillo (hallway), I knew it was really you!  C didn't know that part of the house was actually one of your favorite spots.  Oh Daddy!!!   You haven't stopped thinking about us.  Thank you for watching over us.  I know you worry about us but we will be okay.  It is time for you to rest. 

We love you very much  Daddy . . . we miss you and we always think about you everyday.


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