Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pampanga Eats: Zenco Fusion Restaurant in Clark

Weekend is here!  One of the things I love doing on a weekend is go on food trips!  I love going to Angeles City and Clark Freeport Zone (which is probably around 25-30 kms from our city) because of the abundance of restaurants to try.  One of the restaurants my sister mentioned (she has yet to try it though) was ZENCO Fusion Restaurant (which she heard about from our cousin) located inside Clark.

Before trying a new restaurant, I go online and google about the place first!  So I am happy to have read good reviews about Zenco and I also learned that it is a Japanese restaurant owned by a Korean couple.  

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to try this restaurant located at the Bertaphil Compound in Clark. Bertaphil is one of the commercial/business areas in Clark where you can find several offices and restaurants.  (You can also find the famous C's Italian Restaurant in this lot as well) 

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The restaurant is not that big, has a no frills interior, clean and with a good air-conditioning system.  If you live in a place where temp can go up to 39C, this is a big plus!  Haha!   

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We needed some time to order because we didn't know what to get, haha!  I was looking for the standard Japanese food items such as gyoza, agedashi tofu, kani salad, chicken teriyaki etc. which I didn't see in the menu.  (But then I thought, probably because this was a fusion restaurant)  

While they don't have some of my favorite items, there is more than enough items to choose from (they have tonkatsu so we were fine, hehe)  and have a filling (they have big servings) dining experience.  They also have a good number of noodle soups to choose from which I want to try next time.  

We ordered the following:

California Maki - just because I always order this in a Japanese restaurant, haha!

It was okay, it wasn't bad.  But my friend and I prefer the usual California Maki that we are used to which is "dry".  This has some kine of a sauce over it.

Salmon Sashimi Salad - I know my friend loves Sashimi so I told her to get some.  She chose this salad.  I haven't mastered the art of eating (and appreciating) Sashimi. . . but I know how a fresh fish looks like.  I was impressed with the freshness of the Salmon!  I did try this salad (just the lettuce leaves) and the dressing was good.  The salad was light and refreshing.  

How nice the color of the fish ano?

Tonkatsu Curry - the restaurant's popular item is actually Cheese Tonkatsu.  It is a tonkatsu filled with mozzarella cheese.  But we weren't in the mood to be more adventurous with our tonkatsu, so we just ordered the Tonkatsu Curry. 

Big serving!

And because we were on a food trip and it was a Japanese-Korean resto, we had to get something Korean, haha!  So, we ordered the Soy Garlic Chicken.  I find it quite expensive though (half chicken for Php 400) but we loved it and will come back for this!  ( I haven't tried Bon Chon so I guess I have to try that first to compare these two)  

If you are in Clark and you are looking for a place to eat and you feel like eating Japanese (or Korean), you might want to try Zenco restaurant. =)

Zenco Restaurant
Pavilion 6A, Bertaphil, Clark Center
Jose Abad Santos Ave.
Clark Freeport Zone
Tel. No. (045) 499 0171

*near Gold's Gym and Koko Buri Restaurant (if I remember it right, haha)

For more details, please visit their FB page.


Clyde Walker said...

Looks like a nice restaurant for a Pampanga food trip. Mouth watering dishes you have shared in here! :)

Ana said...

Hi Clyde! Thanks for dropping by! Hope you get to try it when you are around the Clark area in Pampanga. Happy Food Tripping and Merry Christmas!

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