Monday, May 18, 2015

Revisiting Kimpura in Greenhills

I am blessed to have not only one . . .but a few best friends who I've met at different points in my life. I met my first best friend when we were both First Grade in Elementary... so that means we are celebrating 34 years of friendship!  Whoa!  (And I just gave away my age, haha!)

We have different personalities and different interests but there's one thing we have in common, we share the same love. . . for food! Haha!

One of them is P whom I met when I was a Freshman in the University.  I got my love for coffee from her (it started when we were doing our thesis in Economics) and she (and her family!) introduced me to some of the finest food I have ever tried.   And one of the restaurants I remember we went to was Kimpura in Greenhills.  

Two of the things I remember which I enjoyed eating then were the sweet dilis (dried fish) appetizer that the restaurant gives to its diners for free . . .

and the Fried rice!  (I think we ordered Mixed Rice)

Guess what. . . I still love them as much as I did back then!  It still tastes the same!  The only missing in the table was my friend, haha!  The dilis were still the best and my picky eater loved the fried rice!

I also ordered California Maki (I wish they came with Japanese Mayo but this Maki taste so fresh that I actually didn't mind)

Hubby and I shared three "T's" . . .

Tofu Steak - Bean curd with mushrooms and pork (love it!) 

Tori Karaage - they are actually chicken lollipops =)

and Tempura! (I wish the shrimps were bigger though, heehee)

We enjoyed our lunch!  The quality of food was consistent, fast and efficient service from the wait staff, a good dining experience.

We are definitely going back to Kimpura Greenhills (for some reason, food here tastes better than the other branches, hahaha!) and probably try another T. . . Teppanyaki!  They are actually famous for their Teppanyaki.

Seriously craving for some Japanese food. . .as in RIGHT NOW! Haha!

For more details about Kimpura and list of their branches, please visit their page.

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