Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dear Diary

My brother was helping us do some spring cleaning at the basement when he saw. . . 

MY DIARY. . . . from the '90s!!!  

This diary was a birthday gift from my younger sister (we share the same birthday, 6 years apart!) which makes it extra special.  My sister actually remembered giving it to me.  

Going through the pages brought me back to that time when . . SM Megamall was THE mall . . or when lunch or dinner at Pancake House, Racks or Aristocrat was already a treat.  I remember attending classes, group meetings, doing presentations and still be able to catch a movie AND still go to a "disco" (which are called "clubs" today) after.  (For the record, the movie and disco happening in the same night did not happen often!  Haha)  I can sleep at 4:30 am and still be on time for an 8am group meeting!  I wish I had this kind of energy NOW. . now that I have two toddlers!  Oh youthful energy. . . where are you when I need you most?! Haha!

The diary was only filled up half way and everything in it was about a guy. . . a crush of mine when I was a Junior at the University.  (not the first love, not the first boyfriend. Just.Crush.)

He was a guy I met through a friend.  We were in the same College but different Majors.  We have common friends and shared a couple of classes.  We became friends and we always had a nice time talking to each other when we do.  At the end, I think he kind of knows that I liked him, haha!

I really think I looked like this when he talked to me, hahaha!
Image from

As I read each page of the diary, there were a lot of laughs. . . then came louder ones, haha!  And then there were some cringe-worthy moments too, heehee.       

It has been a loooong time but I am sure you know how it feels to have a crush!  Just for fun, let me walk you through some of the things that happen when you do. . .(as I've read in my diary, haha!)  

1.  You have a code name for your crush --- I gave my crush the code name "Snuffleupagus" or "Snuffy" because (I thought) he was cute (even when he had eye bags! Haha)  

Mr. Snuffleupagus of Sesame Street
Image from

2. You notice everything he wears --- from the color of the shirt to the brand of his shoes!  You probably even have a favorite among his shirts!  And when you see that you wore the same color of shirt one day. . . you may even regard it as a sign of greater things to come! Hahaha!  

3.You like what he likes - You love mellow songs but you start listening to his kind of music . . even if it's rock. . .or heavy metal!   

4.You get nervous, your heart beats faster, you get too excited, your face turns red. . . even with the mere sight of his hand or the back of his head!  Hahahaha!  (Aminin!)

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4.  And when you get the chance to face him, you can't look at him in the eye.  Or you just try to steal a glance . . .or you ask your friends to look at him for you, haha!  *cringe moment*   
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5. For some reason, you get some "super powers"!  The ability to pick him out in the crowd or to be able to see him even from the corner of your eyes.  And this happened to me more than a few times, he just suddenly appears just when I wish I could see him!  (the power of the mind!)
Image from

6.  Seeing (or not) him can make (or break) your day!
Image from

7. You get jealous when you see him talk to another girl!  Enough said, haha!
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You know what's the hardest thing when you have a crush?  Dealing with this hard truth. . .when your crush doesn't have a crush on you!  Haha!  I know this hurts. . . a lot.  But if this happens to you. . . 

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And don't forget. . . there are other fishes in the ocean!

Have a nice weekend everyone! =)

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