Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Father's Day Post for Hubby

How was your weekend?  Ours was beautiful and fun-filled because we celebrated two special occasions.  First, we had a family get together for our Princess' 5th Birthday and second, we celebrated Father's Day with a simple lunch at our favorite BBQ place.

So to honor this special man in our lives, I did a picture collage of him and the kids and posted it in FB and wrote:
"Thank you for showing your love in the simplest things"
(It's true.  If there is one word that would describe him, it would be "simple".  He may be a man of few words but he never fails to show us that he loves us everyday.)

Since Hubby doesn't access his FB regularly, I told him that I posted something in FB for him!
*me, feeling giddy*

So after seeing it. . .

Hubby: Baby, bakit laging nakatalikod ako?

Then I remembered what I posted last year for Father's Day (pls. see below)

Hahaha!  And then I laughed out some more when I realized that in the other picture in the collage above, he was wearing an Iron Man mask!

But I have to say something about that!

Me:  Para medyo artsy ang dating di ba, dramatic! =)

Hubby: Ano ang dramatic sa hindi kita ang mukha?


All these time that we are having this conversation, he was saying everything with a straight face!
Haha!  And if you ask me what is one thing I love about him, he just makes me laugh without trying hard!

So Sweetheart, I owe you a full frontal picture!  And I want to share it with everyone who reads this blog, haha!


I know you hate this picture and probably you'll hate me more for posting this. . . but I do know you love me (SO MUCH!) that you actually won't mind. Haha!

Happy Father's Day!  

We love you Daddy!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

THE Crinkles Recipe You Have To Try

I'm on a (cookie) roll!!!

After posting my favorite chewy Chocolate Chip cookie recipe last month, I am posting another cookie recipe I tried and which I absolutely loved!

I've already blogged about a Crinkles recipe (Crinkles are chocolate cookies that are soft and chewy, it's like a brownie cookie) before (you may read about it here).  They turned out okay, I thought they can be better.  

Since I will be bringing some cookies for the Princess' Promotion night this Friday, I thought of baking these sweet treats.

And so my quest to find a better Crinkles recipe began.

By the way, do you know how I choose recipes to try (in general)?  I google for images!    

The food photo which looked best (and yummm!) wins!  Haha!

I saw one and I knew I had to try it!


Two words.

DOUBLE. CHOCOLATE. (Now, let's say that again)

Thanks to Sally's Baking Addiction, we got to enjoy these . . .

chocolatey, chewy and moist Crinkles!
(Did I say Double Chocolate?)

So I'm happy to say that the search is OVER!

(Cue Survivor's "The Search is Over" song here, haha)

I highly recommend this recipe if you are a Crinkle (or Chocolate!) lover like me!

My little big boy loved them so much, I had to stop him, haha!

Here are my notes for this recipe (based on my experience):

1. Putting the cookie dough overnight (or more) in the ref is recommended.

2. I found the crinkles a little bit sweet so for the next batch, I will just use half a cup of semi-sweet choco chips (original recipe calls for 1 cup). 

3. Baking time that worked for me was 10-11 minutes.  I suggest you make a small batch for different baking times to see which would suit your taste more.

For the full recipe, I suggest you hop over to Sally's blog as she has a detailed explanation for it.

Please click here.

Happy Baking!

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