Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Father's Day Post for Hubby

How was your weekend?  Ours was beautiful and fun-filled because we celebrated two special occasions.  First, we had a family get together for our Princess' 5th Birthday and second, we celebrated Father's Day with a simple lunch at our favorite BBQ place.

So to honor this special man in our lives, I did a picture collage of him and the kids and posted it in FB and wrote:
"Thank you for showing your love in the simplest things"
(It's true.  If there is one word that would describe him, it would be "simple".  He may be a man of few words but he never fails to show us that he loves us everyday.)

Since Hubby doesn't access his FB regularly, I told him that I posted something in FB for him!
*me, feeling giddy*

So after seeing it. . .

Hubby: Baby, bakit laging nakatalikod ako?

Then I remembered what I posted last year for Father's Day (pls. see below)

Hahaha!  And then I laughed out some more when I realized that in the other picture in the collage above, he was wearing an Iron Man mask!

But I have to say something about that!

Me:  Para medyo artsy ang dating di ba, dramatic! =)

Hubby: Ano ang dramatic sa hindi kita ang mukha?


All these time that we are having this conversation, he was saying everything with a straight face!
Haha!  And if you ask me what is one thing I love about him, he just makes me laugh without trying hard!

So Sweetheart, I owe you a full frontal picture!  And I want to share it with everyone who reads this blog, haha!


I know you hate this picture and probably you'll hate me more for posting this. . . but I do know you love me (SO MUCH!) that you actually won't mind. Haha!

Happy Father's Day!  

We love you Daddy!

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