Saturday, July 28, 2012

Affected Much?

Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson With Director Rupert Sanders
Photo Source

I guess everybody is talking about this "hot" news in the Entertainment scene and i'm sure Twilight fans are up in arms against Kristen Stewart for her act of infidelity (a "momentary indescretion" as she calls it)

Though I am not really a fan, I feel sad and my heart goes out to Robert Pattinson.  I can just imagine the pain that he is feeling right now (I've read that he was ready to propose to Kristen) . . .the disbelief, the hurt,  the anger, the unanswered questions.  I know because I've been down that road (BUT not with Zola's Dad! Haha!)

I know how something like this literally crushes your heart (it really does!), the sleepless nights, waking up at 3AM asking the "Whys" and trying to find the answers.  And then you cry until you fall asleep, only to cry some more when you wake up . . . until your eyes become like Garfield's! (Haha!)

But you know, during that point in my life, that was when I felt how much I am loved by the family, by my friends, by everybody who knows what I'm going through.  There's just so much love going around me that made the pain worthwhile.  And then I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by good and loving people, who were just simply being there to hold my hand, to listen to me (lines from a drama queen!).  They taught me to be strong but allowed me to grieve on my own (except for one guy friend who simply told me to just STOP and get over it, haha!  Men and their simple solutions!).  It's true what they say, time heals all wounds . . .one day you'll just realize that you're ready to live a new life and to love again.

A wise man (Thanks Boss!) told me that there will always be unanswered questions on my mind but down the road, all I'll do is just laugh about it. . .and you know he's right!   

Looking back, I am just thankful that lowest point in my life happened (as heartbreaking as it may seem) because it actually paved the way to finding my Happiness . . . a life full of love, blessings and contentment. 

Wishing all of you a nice weekend with your loved ones!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Shoe Bag

I wish I can claim that this is my DIY project, but it's not, haha!

I wanted a shoe bag for the Little One ever since I saw one from an online seller.  But I thought why spend if I have a Mom who can easily make one (she loves sewing. . . A LOT!).  The bags are not exactly the same but hey, they still serve the same purpose. 

So I asked my mom to make a shoe bag for the Little One and just told her what I had in mind.  I'm glad we had some remnants from the pillow covers she made for the Little One.  She even managed to find a drawstring (somewhere, haha!) that even matched the cloth!     

So after some cutting, folding and stitching. . . VoilĂ !

Mom made a shoe bag which has two compartments (though this was really a result of miscommunication, hahaha!  But I think it worked better!  But I still asked her to make some single shoe bags)

Shoe bag made with Grandma's love!  

Definitely Priceless! =)

Thank you Mommy dearest! XOXO 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Weekend Loot

I had a nice weekend because I got some delightful finds and pretty "good buys" from SM (Shoemart), probably the most popular retail establishment to the Filipinos.  As their tagline says, "We've got it all for you".  (And they sure do!)

Sharing with you my weekend loot . . .

I wanted to buy new PJs for the Little One since all her pajamas that are supposed to be full length. . . are now becoming capris, haha!  There are several sleeping wear to choose from.  Then my sister saw this one.

It is more expensive (around $7) compared to the others we saw but the top is made of soft cotton AND it is definitely cuter!  (I know, arte!  Haha!)  The bottom though is made of a different material, wish it was in cotton too.  

Details . . .cute no?

My sister also saw this cute top and paired it with shorts (my sister has a knack for finding nice stuff)
Top and shorts, around  US$ 5-6 each

And I also got the Little One this cute bubble skirt dress which is cotton!!! (I love cotton)  The material is so comfy and it is in pastel yellow!  It is her color =)

Dress, around $9.50

And for moi. . . I got this neckpiece ($6) to go with my plain black tops
Taken without flash (left) and with flash (right)

These earrings (less than $5) would work well not just with black but with other tops too.
Chunky?  They're not really THAT chunky, Haha! 

This "retail therapy" (sounds better than shopping, haha!) was a nice way to cap the weekend!

Shopping is definitely more fun (and affordable) in the Philippines! =)

Monday, July 23, 2012

A (Super) Quick Recipe - Pan-Grilled Dory

While I was at the supermarket last week, I saw this spicy marinade from Clara Ole.  Being a fan of Clara Ole (became one after I tried their pasta sauces and dips and dressings), I got one and thought of trying it with the Cream Dory Fillets we have at home.

The marinade was a little bit on the sweet side and personally, I would prefer it to be spicier.

If you're tired of the usual way of cooking your fish at home (like I do, haha!), this marinade offers a twist to your fish.   

Image from Clara Ole's website

This is a (super!) quick recipe which calls for:
- Your favorite fish (I suggest using fillets or a thick cut of tuna or blue marlin)
- Clara Ole Marinade
- Pepper
- Butter or Olive Oil

1. Marinade the fish at least for an hour.
2. Sprinkle some pepper on the fish before grilling it
3. Put some butter (or olive oil) in the pan grill  
4. Grill it for 5 minutes in each side or until you reach the color you like (haha!)

And tadahhhhh . . . . . (it sure is a super quick one right?!)

You may serve it with your favorite soup and salad =)

Happy Eating!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Travel tips from a 5-yr old

Zola's Dad went back to the US a couple of weeks ago . . .it's sad to see him leave (again) but the thought that we will be seeing him in September (our turn to visit him) somehow made saying our goodbyes easier.  Visiting him in LA is something the Little One and I are looking forward to!  But there is one thing I'm worried about right now (just thinking about it makes me anxious) is . . .travelling with my 1 year old!  (Yes, it's just me and the Little One!)     
Photo Source
She was manageable (she really did good!) during our 8 hr road trip to Ilocos but to be in a 12 hour flight is another story.  I've started reading mommy blogs on their travel experiences with their toddlers.  Based from what I've read, one thing I did right was to get the Little One her own seat! Haha!  And if there's one thing I hope and pray for. . .is we get to sit next to understanding and patient passengers. . . .who love kids, who would understand a curious toddler who won't sit still and I hope I don't get the "evil eye" when the Little One becomes fussy (please Lord, no tantrums please) .

I am also thankful to my 5 year old niece, Iya, who gave me some "travel tips" (her own).  According to her:
1) Do not feed the baby when you are in plane so she won't throw up. (My dear baby girl, NO throwing up pls., haha!)
2) Give her Benadryl . . . EVERY HOUR! (Gasp! *Mouth wide open*)
3) Before you go out of the plane, your passport should be ready. (Makes sense)

Thank you Iya, I'll keep these in mind. . .though I have to check with the Pediatrician about Benadryl, haha!

For now, wish me (us!) luck!  I'm sure that flying with the Little One is going to be an adventure (that I'm looking forward to) and a challenge (I'm willing to take!).

The Little One playing in her Papa's luggage (while he was packing)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Helloooo Weekend!

Most of the people I  know who are on diet reward their good self during weekends. . . that means "cheat days" are here again! Haha!

Add caption

I'm starting mine . . . TONIGHT!  Going out tonight for some Japanese dinner with mi familia!  

And technically, it's not really a cheat day. . .because I'm not on a diet (again!---remember Zola's Dad having a vacation back here at home? Excuses. . .excuses, haha!)
I will come back, promise. . . !!!  And the vicious cycle will begin soon. . . Haha!

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can you spot what's WRONG in this photo?

Motorcycles are now a common means of transportation in Philippines.  But the problem is, some (most of them perhaps? haha!) of them don't wear helmets while riding motorcycles!  

 While Zola's Dad and I were on the road, we passed by this guy. . . .

Who was wearing a Hard hat while riding his bike!  (And I'm sure he didn't come from a construction site!)  

I know, I've been ranting about riders not wearing helmets. . .so okay, I"ll give him an A for A-fort! (Effort, hehe) in wearing a protective head gear (and an A for creativity and resourcefulness) but I'd still give him an F for using the wrong one! 

Oh well. . . .  Be safe everyone. . .

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh Brother!

I was reading Chuvaness' blog about Gabby Abshire, an adorable 10 year old American Boy (with a heart of a Filipino) who is a big fan of Vic Sotto (A Filipino actor/comedian) and who can speak the Filipino language fluently! (thanks to his Filipina stepmother)

And was watching this video of him. . .

When I heard the Little One do a "kissing" sound . . .not once but TWICE!

Oh no, NO, Little Miss, you are NOT kissing any boy anytime sooonnn!!!  (Probably when you reach 30 years old. . . i'm still thinking about that though, hahaha!  Just kidding!)

OR probably she just adores this cute little boy in a "Big brother" kind of way . . .

I wonder if a little brother would be just fine (teehee) . . .(She can definitely shower him with kisses!) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday! (It's the little things . . .)

Another week has started. . . and I know we're all back to leading our busy lives.  I hope that amidst the busy schedule and countless "things to do" in our list, we don't forget the beauty brought about by the "little things" . . .  a spontaneous weekend trip, coffee (and dessert!) with friends, a movie date with hubby (with a big tub of popcorn), a handwritten letter, wet kisses and hugs from our children or just simply lazing around the bed with our loved ones (these and MORE!).  These are "little things" that matter most . . . .and they certainly  make up the best memories!   

Have a great week ahead!  Wishing everyone a dose of the "little things" everyday. . . and always   =)

Photo Source

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life changing!

When I got pregnant, my mommy friends told me that being a mom (a parent) is life changing!  I couldn't agree more. . . especially when I saw this in my friend's FB post (Thanks CT!) 

This is SOOOOO FUNNY . . . and TRUE!

Okay dear moms, say "Aye" if you agree! Haha!

Guess I'm going for a vacation tomorrow then . . .how about you? =)

Envirosax vs Zola

I read about Envirosax reusable shopping bags through Manila Fashion Observer's blog last year.  I really wanted to get one from the brand's Travel Pouch series mainly because of the bag's design, hahaha!  But I thought we have enough reusable bags at home (which we got from department stores and supermarkets) that there is no need for another one.

On our way back home from Tagaytay, Zola's Dad and I dropped by the outlet stores in Paseo de Sta Rosa and saw one shop (I'm sorry the name escaped me) which was selling these bags.    I read their brochure and what caught my attention was . . . it described the bags as "super strong and can hold 44lbs"!  (I think the ones we have at home can't hold this amount of weight)  So I got one but still wondered if the bag can actually do so.
One day, hubby and I thought of putting the Little One in the bag (she weighs 30 lbs), just to see if the brand's claim holds true (okay, we were challenging it! haha!) and . . . .Tadahhhh

I was actually waiting for that ripping sound! Hahaha!

Just to show you Zola's Dad's hands up close ---
He was carrying her with all his might!

It goes without saying. . . that in this durability challenge, Envirosax wins!  Heehee

Envirosax Bags are also available at The Travel Club.  I'm sure you'll have a hard time choosing from all the designs they have!  (I picked this one because this shade of green reminded me of our wedding's color motif)

For more info about Envirosax, you may visit their website and you may also check Envirosax Philippines' Facebook page

If you're doing some shopping this weekend, and if you have a reusable shopping bag at home, don't forget to bring it!  If you don't have one, I encourage you to use one.  Reusable shopping bags reduce plastic bag consumption. . . Just one of the simple things we can do to help and save our environment. =)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An "Awwww" Moment

This picture says it all . . .

One morning, while looking at Hubby and Little One while they were sleeping (I'm sure you do that or have done that too! Haha!), the Little One just suddenly reached out to her Dad's arm and laid her cute little hand over it. . .I can read it in so many ways . . . like "Dad, everything will be alright". . . or "Dad, I'm scared" or "Dad, you're doing a good job"  or she wants to feel the warmth of our love or she just simply wants to know that we are there beside her.

Awwww.  .  .It was such a heartwarming moment and I'm glad I was able to catch it.

Here's to more tender loving moments everyday of our lives! =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Day Care

Zola's cousins came over for the day. . . .let's do the math shall we?

A sweet 8 month old baby + A curious1 yr old + A moody 2 yr old + A smart 5 yr old
equals to


Hope you all had a fun-filled day just like I did =)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two lines?

I took a pregnancy test and was giddy with excitement while waiting for the result. . . .

And just when I was about to look at it. . . .the Little One slapped me in the face that WOKE ME UP! *sigh* 

Oh well, it would have been nice to know what the result was. . . who knows it can be a sign of "greater things" to come, HAHA!

I may only have the Little One (for now), but she is double trouble!  (and I'm saying that with fondness)

Have a great (and dreamy) week ahead!  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

She's Baaacck!

It's been a while since I posted something about Iya, Zola's 5yr old cousin.  I've posted about our "chubby" conversation (and a few more about other stuff) before.  Well, now that she's a little bit older (and wiser!), she has learned what chubby is . . .and what is another word for it. . . FAT!

She was spending the day with us today and I noticed that she has become thinner (because she got taller).  My Dad noticed it too.

And this was how our conversation went . . .

Dad: Iya, dapat magpakataba ka pa ha
Me: Oo nga Iya, dapat kahit kaunti, pataba ka naman.
Iya (turning to me): Kasing-taba MO?

(Ouch!  Just in case you don't know, I'm a plus-size! heehee. . . 

Me: (Speechless, with my mouth wide open) Hindi naman, slight lang!  (And with a raised brow, Hmph!  Haha!)

Oh well. . . Kids do say the darndest things. . . and the truth! Haha!

Hope you're having a good weekend!  =)

Friday, July 6, 2012

"Seafood Diet"

We had our fair share (more than fair actually, haha!) of meat during our stay in Ilocos (Have I mentioned Bagnet and Vigan Longganisa?  And thanks to Lola who prepared Zola's Dad's fave - Dinuguan and Warik-Warik) that I just miss eating Fish!!! 

Going back home home from Ilocos, we thought of having lunch in Matutina's, a popular seafood restaurant and one of the more famous stopovers in the North.  The original restaurant started in Dagupan and has since branched out to other parts of Pangasinan, Tarlac and there's even a branch in Baguio, making Matutina's more accessible to travelers.  We went to the branch in Tarlac City called Matutina-Gerry's Seafoods Restaurant.    

While browsing the menu, the waitress gave us some complimentary buko pastillas.  The candies couldn't have come at a more perfect time as we were already hungry!

Zola's Dad ordered a refreshing buko (young coconut) shake.  We ordered Sinigang na Malaga  (a house specialty), Bangus (milkfish) sisig, Buttered Garlic shrimps, Inihaw na Liempo (Zola's Dad just had to have his meat, haha!), Grilled Boneless Bangus and Adobong Talaba (oysters).  (Told you, we were hungry! Haha!)  

Just in case you're wondering if it's just Zola's Dad and me shared in this sumptuous lunch, no, there were four of us! 

I couldn't pick which one was my favorite since everything was good!  Another "happy tummy, happy mommy moment"  =)

By the way, the restaurant also sells their buko pastillas, boneless bangus (both unseasoned and marinated) for Php 300/pack (there are 3 pcs in a pack) and other pasalubong (gift) food items from the North.

Dining in Matutina's was indeed a perfect way to conclude our road trip!

I'm ending this post with a diet joke which you may have heard already. . . When you're in a "Seafood Diet", it means, when you see food, you eat it!  (Okay, you can laugh now, haha!)    

Matutina-Gerry's Seafood House
MacArthur Highway, San Sebastian, Tarlac City 
(near SM Tarlac)

Our Ilocos Adventure

One of the things Zola's Dad and I want to do is bring the Little One to Ilocos Sur (Northern part of the Philippines) to visit his grandparents (both of whom are in their late 80s).  The last time we visited them was two years ago.  They have only seen the Little One through the photos I've been sending them.  Now that Zola's dad is back home for a vacation and that the Little One has turned one (a better time for her to take a long trip), we decided that it's time for his grandparents to meet the Princess.

So we took the 316 kms road trip a couple of weeks ago (Point A to Point B on the map below). . .

 I usually travel light. . . but since it's my first time to travel with the Little One, I would rather over pack than hit myself for NOT bringing something I need!  I have yet to learn the art of packing for a family vacation, Haha!  

We left home at 6:30 AM and traveled for 8 hours (we had 4 stopovers). . .and I'm so thankful that the Little One was manageable during the trip!  (She slept for the most part of the trip!  Must be the rainy weather that day)

We also had a great view of the South China Sea along the way. . . 

Upon reaching the grandparents' ancestral home, we were welcomed by an excited aunt and grateful grandparents.


Never mind that we weren't able to do some touristy things we were hoping we could, like trying out Ilocos culinary delights and sightseeing (save for a super quick stop at "Baluarte", a zoo/wildlife sanctuary), but knowing that the Little One has brought so much joy and smiles to her grandparents (such priceless moments) makes the trip worthwhile!

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