Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh Brother!

I was reading Chuvaness' blog about Gabby Abshire, an adorable 10 year old American Boy (with a heart of a Filipino) who is a big fan of Vic Sotto (A Filipino actor/comedian) and who can speak the Filipino language fluently! (thanks to his Filipina stepmother)

And was watching this video of him. . .

When I heard the Little One do a "kissing" sound . . .not once but TWICE!

Oh no, NO, Little Miss, you are NOT kissing any boy anytime sooonnn!!!  (Probably when you reach 30 years old. . . i'm still thinking about that though, hahaha!  Just kidding!)

OR probably she just adores this cute little boy in a "Big brother" kind of way . . .

I wonder if a little brother would be just fine (teehee) . . .(She can definitely shower him with kisses!) 

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