Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Ilocos Adventure

One of the things Zola's Dad and I want to do is bring the Little One to Ilocos Sur (Northern part of the Philippines) to visit his grandparents (both of whom are in their late 80s).  The last time we visited them was two years ago.  They have only seen the Little One through the photos I've been sending them.  Now that Zola's dad is back home for a vacation and that the Little One has turned one (a better time for her to take a long trip), we decided that it's time for his grandparents to meet the Princess.

So we took the 316 kms road trip a couple of weeks ago (Point A to Point B on the map below). . .

 I usually travel light. . . but since it's my first time to travel with the Little One, I would rather over pack than hit myself for NOT bringing something I need!  I have yet to learn the art of packing for a family vacation, Haha!  

We left home at 6:30 AM and traveled for 8 hours (we had 4 stopovers). . .and I'm so thankful that the Little One was manageable during the trip!  (She slept for the most part of the trip!  Must be the rainy weather that day)

We also had a great view of the South China Sea along the way. . . 

Upon reaching the grandparents' ancestral home, we were welcomed by an excited aunt and grateful grandparents.


Never mind that we weren't able to do some touristy things we were hoping we could, like trying out Ilocos culinary delights and sightseeing (save for a super quick stop at "Baluarte", a zoo/wildlife sanctuary), but knowing that the Little One has brought so much joy and smiles to her grandparents (such priceless moments) makes the trip worthwhile!

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