Saturday, July 28, 2012

Affected Much?

Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson With Director Rupert Sanders
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I guess everybody is talking about this "hot" news in the Entertainment scene and i'm sure Twilight fans are up in arms against Kristen Stewart for her act of infidelity (a "momentary indescretion" as she calls it)

Though I am not really a fan, I feel sad and my heart goes out to Robert Pattinson.  I can just imagine the pain that he is feeling right now (I've read that he was ready to propose to Kristen) . . .the disbelief, the hurt,  the anger, the unanswered questions.  I know because I've been down that road (BUT not with Zola's Dad! Haha!)

I know how something like this literally crushes your heart (it really does!), the sleepless nights, waking up at 3AM asking the "Whys" and trying to find the answers.  And then you cry until you fall asleep, only to cry some more when you wake up . . . until your eyes become like Garfield's! (Haha!)

But you know, during that point in my life, that was when I felt how much I am loved by the family, by my friends, by everybody who knows what I'm going through.  There's just so much love going around me that made the pain worthwhile.  And then I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by good and loving people, who were just simply being there to hold my hand, to listen to me (lines from a drama queen!).  They taught me to be strong but allowed me to grieve on my own (except for one guy friend who simply told me to just STOP and get over it, haha!  Men and their simple solutions!).  It's true what they say, time heals all wounds . . .one day you'll just realize that you're ready to live a new life and to love again.

A wise man (Thanks Boss!) told me that there will always be unanswered questions on my mind but down the road, all I'll do is just laugh about it. . .and you know he's right!   

Looking back, I am just thankful that lowest point in my life happened (as heartbreaking as it may seem) because it actually paved the way to finding my Happiness . . . a life full of love, blessings and contentment. 

Wishing all of you a nice weekend with your loved ones!

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