Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ready? Not quite yet . . .

The Little One is now thirteen months but she still hasn't walked . . . on her own.  She still looks for something to hold on to or asks for my hand before she takes her steps.

She may not be walking yet, BUT she can . . .

Go down of the bed

Lift this chair (with one finger!  Just kidding!  Haha!)

Climb the sofa bed 

Crawl up this flight of stairs like Superman, faster than a speeding bullet!
(Okay, I'm exaggerating, haha!)  

And before she was able to do all the things I've mentioned, one of the things she learned earlier is brush her hair!
This photo was taken one morning, when she woke up from her nap.
The moment she stood up, she got the hairbrush and brushed her hair!

My dear Little One, 

I know you are trying hard to learn how to walk but you're still scared to do it on your own.  Don't rush, just do it at your own pace, at your own time.  Baby steps are fine.  And when you are ready. . . just let go of my hand darling.  And if you fall, just stand up and try again.  

Whatever happens, Mama is here to catch you . . .always.


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