Friday, August 3, 2012

Bad Mood Alert

Yesterday, I caught the last part of the romantic-comedy movie "Just Married" (starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy) in Cable.  (Since I became a mom, I never get to watch TV.  And if I do catch a movie, I get to see the middle or last part, haha!)

There was a line in the movie that I liked.  This is what Ashton's character's Dad told him when he was giving up on his marriage. 

What you're saying here is, you had a couple of bad days in Europe and it's over.  Time to grow up, Tommy.  Some days your mother and me loved each other.  Other days we had to work at it.  You never see the hard days in a photo album.  But those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next.

It has been said too many times, Marriage (or any kind of relationship for that matter) is not a bed of roses.  I know we love our partners/husbands with all our hearts but sometimes, there are just days that they manage to rub us the wrong way (I think this sounds better than "getting into our nerves"? Haha!)  And that thing they do which we find cute when we were still dating is now annoying. . . or the fact that people change over time.  Or because there are days when our hormones are just going out of control AND then we make a mountain out of a molehill (in short, we over act or over analyze, haha!  Admit it ladies, hehe) . . . or simply because we are in a bad mood.

So there will always be good days and bad. . . .we just have to work through it. . . together.

Hun, I'm so sorry. . . but the *hormones are kicking in today and probably in the coming days too, you know what I mean.  Thank you for being patient with me =)  I love you! 

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*And I will  share with you why . . . in the next few weeks =)

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