Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who likes Brownies?

My sister was craving for chocolate chip cookies but didn't find her favorite brand in the shelf . . .but she found this!

We've seen and tried different Oreo variations (Golden, Wafer rolls, Fat Free-ugh!), but personally, the Classic Oreos will always be my favorite!  But this one looked promising!  Brownies and Oreos, what's not to love?!!! 

So my sister got one (just to try it) and was disappointed. . . disappointed that she only bought one!  She liked it so much that she wanted to go back (right away) to get some more, haha! 

I just ate a teeny weeny bit of it (I can't have too much of chocolates now *booo!!!*. . . I'll let you know why in a couple of weeks) and it tastes (and smells!) good. . .it's moist, chewy, chocolatey (I think the photo below says it all)  

340 calories of goodness! 

Yes, there may be better brownies out there. . . but considering that these are commercially sold and are mass-produced, these brownies will more than satisfy your sweet cravings.

Just a thought, wouldn't it be nice to heat this and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it?  Happiness!  Haha!

I love my sister so much that I went back yesterday to get her stash. . . and left 3 pcs on the store's shelf . . .for the other shoppers, haha!  (Hoarder!)

Have a great day ahead!  Spread some sweetness =)

*Got these at the Snack Exchange of SM Department Store.  Each pack costs Php 49.75 (a little over $1)

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