Monday, August 27, 2012

Going Healthy

Pregnancy has changed me. . . and my eating habits!  I went to the grocery to get some "healthy stuff" because I couldn't find anything healthy to nibble on when my hunger pangs set in.  The trip to the grocery (a happy place of mine!) was quicker than usual. . .because i skipped a lot of aisles (read the good and sinful stuff, Haha!)  

Goodbye to the colorful world (for now, heehee) of junk food, processed food and caffeinated drinks . . .and everything I should not be eating now that I'm pregnant. . . 

and say Hello to. . . .

The Healthy stuff

I was put in a low salt, low fat diet . . .thanks to my high-normal blood pressure *sigh*   

So I got some:
1) Fruits and cucumbers (vegetables sticks anyone?)
2) Wheat crackers (I prefer the Garden Brand over Hwa Tai---they don't taste like cardboard)
3) Chocolate soy milk (I don't drink milk but milk is important in my diet so I settled for soy milk.  The only brand I like and drink . . . Silk brand for its chocolatey goodness!)
4) Cereals (Nestle's Banana-Nut cluster remains a fave)
5)  Brown rice (I've had other brands before but thought of trying Harvester's . . . just because it is endorsed by Chef Laudico, hahaha!  I just find him nice, heehee =)
6)  Wheat pasta (I can't . .  and won't give up pasta. . .ever!) 

Looking at this list. . . all I can say is . . .I am a changed woman, hahaha! 

Have a nice week ahead! =)

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