Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just another Iya story

As the day ends, I would like to share with you a funny story about my 5 yr old niece, Iya.

Classes were suspended today because of the continuous rains brought by typhoon Gener.  I called Iya's Dad (my brother) to tell him something and Iya was the one who answered the phone:

Iya: Hello. . .

Me: Hi Iya!  

Iya: Hi Ta-ta! (That's what she calls me)

Me: Is your dad there?

Iya: Yes

Me:  Can I talk to your dad please.  Hey, you don't have classes today! 
*me sounding excited and happy because she gets to stay home today*

Iya: Yes. . . and I'm  so SAD 

(She really was!)

Sad Face  Clip Art
Photo Source

Yes, you read that right!  She's sad that she didn't go to school today. . . . I think she gets bored at home, haha!

I'm happy that she loves going to school.  I hope and pray she doesn't change, that she will always have that passion and eagerness to learn . . .and one more thing I like her to learn that's important. . .when you work hard, you also have to play hard! =)

Goodnight everyone and please say a prayer for everyone's safety, especially those who are greatly affected by the typhoon.

Time to catch some Zzzzzsss . . .Night, night!

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