Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014!

I can't believe that in 2 hours (in my time zone), 2014 is hereeee!!!!

I know that a word that usually comes with New Year is "Resolutions". . . something I'm not good at, haha!

But as they say, Change is the only permanent thing in this world.  So for the coming year . . .I still don't have any Resolutions, haha!  

What I do have is the desire to change (well, okay, I guess it's still like "Resolutions", I just don't like using the latter word, hehe) . . . 

I want to change. . . 

- the way I think (happy thoughts and positive vibes only!)
- the way I talk (only good things to talk about)
- the way I do things (I want to be more organized, no to procrastination!!!)
- the way I act (to act always with love, kindness, compassion and patience)
- the way I pray (I want to improve my prayer life and my personal relationship with God)

What I'm trying to say is, I just want to be a better person (a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend).

Oh, and last but not the least. . . oh God, please help me in this one. . . to have the will to START dieting and the perseverance to work on it!  Haha!  

Here's to a better New Year for all of us!

Let us claim 2014, it's going to be an amazing year, let's make it happen!  Woohoo!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best things in life and countless blessings in the coming year. . . 


Wish You a Happy New Year 2014 HD Wallpaper
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Singapore Food Diary

WARNING: This post may induce food cravings!

The Holiday Season doesn't only bring good cheer but good food as well!

You're probably fed up with seeing and eating food . . . or may be not!  I think a few food pictures won't hurt.  It is a feast that doesn't come with extra calories anyway, haha!  

This post has been sitting in my Draft folder since June or July (a really late post!) after we (just me, my sister and my little girl) visited Singapore for a few days (I really wish we could have stayed longer!)

To say that Singapore is a food haven is an understatement, simply because it is a food PARADISE!

When I go to Singapore, one place I always go to is the Food Republic in Wisma Atria (a mall along Orchard Road).  It houses the best of hawker food and other good eats in one roof.

This is where I enjoyed my personal faves:

BLACK CARROT CAKE (not made from carrots!)


This roast pork looks ho-hum but it's surprisingly good,
the skin was crispy and tasty!

After lunch, we were walking around Takashimaya Shopping Center (Ngee Ann City) when I saw a LadurĂ©e counter.  Yep, those french macarons (which don't come cheap, haha!) that everyone was raving about.  I bought a few (Pistachio, Coffee and Chocolate ---which I liked best) to see what the buzz was all about.  

Guess what?!
I still prefer cakes and cookies, haha!  

For dinner, we went to JUMBO Seafood Restaurant because I told my sister that we must have Singapore's famous specialty. . . CHILI CRABS!!!  

Oh how I missed you my Chili Crabs!  

Oh and with a side order of  fried mantou bread please!

Because dipping dunking them in the Chili Crab sauce is pure food bliss! 

We also ordered Cereal Prawns (because I love shrimps)

Hong Kong Noodles (because the little girl loves noodles) and Chicken Satay (my sister's request)

By the way, have I told you that Singapore is a Food Paradise?

A Paradise where everything is just good. . . . so many food. . . so little time.  

Seriously, we should go back! Haha!

Sis, are you there?

For more info about the following food places, please click on the names:

Info about Laduree was taken from Evonnz' blog:
Laduree Boutique
391 Orchard Road, #02-09
Takashimaya Shopping Centre / Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel: +65 6884 7361
Laduree Counter
391 Orchard Road, #01-24A
Takashimaya Shopping Centre / Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

A Christmas Story

A very late post!  Would like to share with you something from last year's Christmas!  

Last year, the little girl and I went to visit Hubby in LA and spent our Christmas there.  It was extra-special because it was our first Christmas together!  To celebrate it, we thought of having a staycation somewhere.  It was actually something spontaneous.  I think we just decided on the staycation on Christmas morning, haha!  (Spontaneity adds fun and excitement in life!)  

We checked in at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located at the downtown section of Riverside (probably around 60 miles from our home). 

Our little girl exploring the room and
making herself comfortable
And the "guy" (a life-size decor) that creeped (not me!) hubby out, hahaha!

The hotel is known for their Festival of Lights which starts the day after Thanksgiving.  It has been said that they decorate the place with as much as 3.5 million lights!  Yep, that's MILLION!  They also have hundreds of decorative figures placed around the hotel which includes angels, elves and carolers.  (The creepy guy in our balcony was actually a "caroler", haha!)  

Did they say 3.5 million?!!


The lights in these photos don't even make up half of what was put up!  The Christmas lights were beautiful and amazing and just gives you that joyous Holiday feeling!

But you know what my most favorite lights are. . . .

are the ones that light up my life . . . =)

To know more about the hotel (and its history) and the Festival Lights, please click on this link.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Now Shoe-ING!

Growing up, I remember wearing my mom's high-heeled shoes because I love the sound that they make when I walk.  The tick-tock sound of the shoes made me feel like I'm a grown-up!  (I pretend to go to the "office" everday)  

But I never tried (and thought of!) wearing my dad's shoes. . . .

This little girl is definitely cooler than me!  Haha!

These boots are not just made for walking, they are good for dress up playtime too!

My dear little girl, would you like to try wearing a pair of high-heeled. . . BOOTS?!

You're beautiful!

The little boy has been mistaken for a girl several times already.  Somebody even said he can be the next Ms. Philippines!  (Ummm, I don't really remember anyone from my childhood telling me the same thing, haha!)  

I can't blame them . . . 

Which reminds me. . . .

So people say he/"she" is beautiful, and I claim that he looks like me. . .

I hope this photo convinces you, heehee

Does it follow that I'm beautiful too? HAHAHA!!!

Anyway, this afternoon, we decided that it's time to for him to get his first haircut --- NOT because of the "he looks like a girl" thing.  I actually don't mind when people say that.  It's just that we want it to look neater.  For us Filipinos, it is customary for babies to have their hair cut when they turn 1 year old.  

But we say, we can't wait so we are doing it now, haha!

After a few snip here and there. . . .


Looking at the picture above, I can only say. . .

My dear little boy, you are growing too fast!!!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Same Old Photo

When Hubby came home for a short visit (2 weeks!) last August, I was thinking of having a family portrait photo shoot but sadly, we weren't able to do so. (kicking myself now)  

The most decent family picture we have was this. . .

it was not even taken by a camera!

So the photo above has sort of become a template for me, haha!  Thanks to Picmonkey, I can enhance and modify my "template" . . . . 

When Ate had to submit a family picture in class . . .

Something I did for Halloween . . .

And to spread some Holiday cheer for Christmas! 

And I think this won't be the last time you'll see this template family picture, haha!  

From our family to yours, we wish you Peace, Love and Joy this Holiday season =) 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know what I want for Christmas. . .a new family picture! Heehee

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Happens . . .

When you leave your phone and a curious toddler in the same room. . .


Monday, December 23, 2013


These past few weeks have been pretty hectic and stressful (from the holiday preps to the kids being sick and everything else in between) for me.  I am just so tired that there are nights that I fall asleep and then wake up at 3AM to brush my teeth!  Heehee 

These are the times that I just need to have a good laugh to de-stress!

One of my favorite stories that never fails to make me laugh comes from a girl I know.

While at the mall, she was on her way to get her favorite frozen yogurt when she saw a guy who looked familiar (she was sure she knows him) and gave him a nice smile and waved at him.  

The guy (who was on the phone) saw her and waved back.  And as she walked away, after a few seconds, she just realized. . . that was her EX-boyfriend (and her first!)!  Haha!

They say that First Love NEVER dies. . . well I guess, this special girl just proved that it does!  She certainly has moved on, haha!

Thank you for making me laugh (you know who you are!)  YOU are unforgettable!

Here's to celebrating our adventures in love and finding our personal happiness!

Photo Source

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Duck You!

As defined by Urban Dictionary, Duck Face is a term used to describe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.

Duckface ala Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Duck Faces
Photo Source

Not sure though if this was what our little girl was trying to do. . . because I never told (and taught) her about it.

This is NOT our Duck Face. . .

It is our SAD face!

Well okay. . . I probably did this "Duck Face" thing. . . once.  

Only because I want my face to look slimmer!  Haha!

So. . .have you? =)

P.S. I wonder if you are trying to do a "Duck Face" while reading this post, haha!

Monday, December 16, 2013

NO to Drugs!

The Holiday is here!!! And so is the flu season (No thanks to the change in weather!)

The kids are having their share of the virus right now. (Spell STRESS!)

Our girl has bronchitis while the little boy "may" have asthma . . . but our Pedia-Pulmonologist chose to be aggressive in treating the kids so they can enjoy the Holidays, thus prescribing a cocktail of Meds!

The only "drugs" my kids are allowed to take (in their lifetime!) . . . are the ones that truly make them feel better (and not high!) 

Good news is they are getting better now (thank you Lord!)

I just hope they would never have to take a LOT of meds for a looonng time! (NO to drugs talaga! Enough please!!!)

Stay healthy everyone!  

Wishing everyone the finest pink of health as you celebrate the Holidays! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


The no of toy-building pieces that would test my

Imagination and  . . .

and ability to follow instructions! 

It would probably test my patience too, haha!

And doing it with a curious toddler would probably take longer than usual, haha!

As they say, Patience is a Virtue =)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Santa

One of my fondest childhood memories was waking up on cold December mornings and checking my red Christmas stocking (which has a Snowman I think) for my goodies from Santa.  Our stockings were full of chocolate treats and colorful candies that would have rivaled Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory (in the eyes of a 4 yr old, that stocking was a Candyland!)  One Christmas, I remember receiving an orange cookware playset from Santa  and my elder brother got a  robot.  In our young minds, we think that Santa Claus was just the greatest!  

Until one day, a cousin of ours just blurted out that there was NO SANTA CLAUS (Gasp!) and that our parents were Santa! (Nooooo!!!)  Our cousin probably doesn't even remember doing that (and what he did actually changed our lives, hahaha!)

But you know what, I still believe in Santa Claus!  My idea of Santa Claus may have changed as I grew older.  He may not be wearing a red suit anymore, doesn't live in the North Pole and that there is actually more than one Santa!  But one thing remains, I believe in what he stands for =)

I am sharing with you a video (which I've seen in several of my friends' FB Wall) of a nice Holiday surprise that WestJet Airlines pulled off for its passengers.  It is so heartwarming that I am going to ask Santa for my own gift, haha!

Dear Santa, I've been nice this year.  If there's one thing I can ask for this Christmas, it is for you to bring home our Daddy for the Holidays because we miss him so much. =)

What's on your Christmas Wish list?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pretty in Pink

One of the things I've taught Ate early on is the importance of Sharing.  It didn't come easy because she was in her "mine" phase, a normal developmental stage for toddlers.  When her little brother came, it became a bit easier because she was truly fond of her baby brother (though there are still days that the green eyed monster gets to her).  And just like a broken record, I tell her repeatedly that she should share things (and people!  haha!  Yep, she has to share me with her brother!) with "Cobo" (this is how she calls him).

One day, when we went to the salon to have my our nails done:

Ate (in toddler talk): "Mama, Cobo, pink. . .nails"

(Translation:  Mama, Cobo should have pink nails too)

Haha!  I think she got my point on what sharing is all about.

Oh my Darling Ate, thank you for always thinking about your Little Brother and for wanting to share all the nice and fun things you do =)  I am sure your brother can't wait to play with you!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let's Do This!

I've already heard this quote from my sister (she read it somewhere) . . .and saw a friend post (thanks B!) this in her FB wall . . .

So we're going to make some new memories next week!

In one of my favorite cities in the Philippines. . . . =)

Will keep you posted!  

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift Ideas for Kids

Can you believe it, there are only 25 days, 1 hour and 16 mins (as I'm writing this post) to go until Christmas!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?  I have a few more to go and hopefully, I get to finish my list this weekend.  One of the things I love doing is shopping Christmas gifts for kids.  It gives you the feeling of how it is to be Santa!  Hahaha!  

I mean. . .HOHOHO!  (Haha!)

There is just something about Christmas that makes it magical for children.

And since Christmas is also known to be a season for Sharing, I will share with you one of my favorite Holiday gift finds for Kids.

I've read about the personalized storybooks by Look It's About Me in the mommy blogs I've been following. So I went to their website and found other personalized items that are also nice gift ideas such as coloring books, wrapping paper, wall art and placemats.

Want to see what I ordered from them?

These laminated placemats measure 11.5" X 17.5".  There are other designs available in the website.

I just wish the size of the name in this particular design
was bigger so it's more noticeable.

Ordering online was such a breeze!  Delivery time is 7-10 business days for deliveries within Philippines (plus a couple of days more if it is being delivered to the province I guess).  Clients also have the option to pick up their orders at their office too.  By the way, they also accommodate international shipping!

I love everything about Look It's About Me (their products, online shopping experience, from purchase to delivery). . . I have yet to order Ate's story book!  I am sure she would be delighted (and excited!) to see her name (and her friends' too!) written in her own storybook!

For more details, please click here to go to their website and here for their FB page.

Friday, November 22, 2013

For the second time. . .

There are some things in my life which I want to experience again. . . and hearing the word "Mama" for the first time would be high up there on the list.

Our little man has learned to say "Mama" just about the same time as his big sister, they were both about to turn eight months. (I blogged about Ate's moment here)

It just happened one day =). . . .and hearing it again was as exciting and memorable as the first time!

Baby J always wakes up  in the morning this way. . . with a smile!

He loves, LOVES  to eat (errrr, like his mom?, heehee), I think his next word would probably be "milk"! Haha!

You always brighten my day sweetheart. . . I love you (and Ate) to the moon and back!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Was checking for a Wi-Fi spot in a mall when I saw one particular network that caught my attention . . . 

*NBI stands for National Bureau of Investigation, equivalent to FBI

And I thought one should be discreet when doing a surveillance??? 

Would be interesting to know if there is indeed a stakeout happening in the area, haha!  How exciting!

Or probably someone just thought of using this name for fun =)

Give Me a Break!

During the height of the Pork Barrel Scandal (which has taken a back seat for now because of Typhoon Yolanda coverage), while watching the News, my father told me that I look like the Mastermind Queen herself, Janet Napoles!  Daaaaadddd, seriously?!!! (Oh yes, goes without saying that there was a violent reaction from me!)  

So I thought of putting our faces beside each other to see for myself and mostly to disprove my father's statement!  Haha!

To be fair to Ms. Napoles, I tried looking for a picture of her where she was smiling. . . and there were a few, or less than a few, haha!

My father always told me I'm beautiful (like all parents tell their children) and I know him to be an honest person . . .and that parents know better than their children.  

But in this case, sorry Dad, I refuse to believe you.  Haha!

Because . . .

Photo from www.fashionpulis.com

I am not a pig! =)

To know more about the the Janet Lim-Napoles Pork Barrel Scandal, here is a helpful timeline from Rappler.com.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Mannequin

Growing Over the weekend, Ate found a long, lost brother. . . .from another mother.


I don't know if she just misses her little brother (he stayed at home) . . .

 or she noticed that this boy's hair is like hers. . .a mop of black hair!

Which can only mean two things:  The mannequin wears a beautiful wig that looks like the real thing OR Ate's hair looks like a wig?!  Haha!

Take your pick . . . 

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