Monday, December 23, 2013


These past few weeks have been pretty hectic and stressful (from the holiday preps to the kids being sick and everything else in between) for me.  I am just so tired that there are nights that I fall asleep and then wake up at 3AM to brush my teeth!  Heehee 

These are the times that I just need to have a good laugh to de-stress!

One of my favorite stories that never fails to make me laugh comes from a girl I know.

While at the mall, she was on her way to get her favorite frozen yogurt when she saw a guy who looked familiar (she was sure she knows him) and gave him a nice smile and waved at him.  

The guy (who was on the phone) saw her and waved back.  And as she walked away, after a few seconds, she just realized. . . that was her EX-boyfriend (and her first!)!  Haha!

They say that First Love NEVER dies. . . well I guess, this special girl just proved that it does!  She certainly has moved on, haha!

Thank you for making me laugh (you know who you are!)  YOU are unforgettable!

Here's to celebrating our adventures in love and finding our personal happiness!

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