Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Story

A very late post!  Would like to share with you something from last year's Christmas!  

Last year, the little girl and I went to visit Hubby in LA and spent our Christmas there.  It was extra-special because it was our first Christmas together!  To celebrate it, we thought of having a staycation somewhere.  It was actually something spontaneous.  I think we just decided on the staycation on Christmas morning, haha!  (Spontaneity adds fun and excitement in life!)  

We checked in at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located at the downtown section of Riverside (probably around 60 miles from our home). 

Our little girl exploring the room and
making herself comfortable
And the "guy" (a life-size decor) that creeped (not me!) hubby out, hahaha!

The hotel is known for their Festival of Lights which starts the day after Thanksgiving.  It has been said that they decorate the place with as much as 3.5 million lights!  Yep, that's MILLION!  They also have hundreds of decorative figures placed around the hotel which includes angels, elves and carolers.  (The creepy guy in our balcony was actually a "caroler", haha!)  

Did they say 3.5 million?!!


The lights in these photos don't even make up half of what was put up!  The Christmas lights were beautiful and amazing and just gives you that joyous Holiday feeling!

But you know what my most favorite lights are. . . .

are the ones that light up my life . . . =)

To know more about the hotel (and its history) and the Festival Lights, please click on this link.

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