Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Duck You!

As defined by Urban Dictionary, Duck Face is a term used to describe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.

Duckface ala Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Duck Faces
Photo Source

Not sure though if this was what our little girl was trying to do. . . because I never told (and taught) her about it.

This is NOT our Duck Face. . .

It is our SAD face!

Well okay. . . I probably did this "Duck Face" thing. . . once.  

Only because I want my face to look slimmer!  Haha!

So. . .have you? =)

P.S. I wonder if you are trying to do a "Duck Face" while reading this post, haha!

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