Monday, December 16, 2013

NO to Drugs!

The Holiday is here!!! And so is the flu season (No thanks to the change in weather!)

The kids are having their share of the virus right now. (Spell STRESS!)

Our girl has bronchitis while the little boy "may" have asthma . . . but our Pedia-Pulmonologist chose to be aggressive in treating the kids so they can enjoy the Holidays, thus prescribing a cocktail of Meds!

The only "drugs" my kids are allowed to take (in their lifetime!) . . . are the ones that truly make them feel better (and not high!) 

Good news is they are getting better now (thank you Lord!)

I just hope they would never have to take a LOT of meds for a looonng time! (NO to drugs talaga! Enough please!!!)

Stay healthy everyone!  

Wishing everyone the finest pink of health as you celebrate the Holidays! 

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