Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Santa

One of my fondest childhood memories was waking up on cold December mornings and checking my red Christmas stocking (which has a Snowman I think) for my goodies from Santa.  Our stockings were full of chocolate treats and colorful candies that would have rivaled Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory (in the eyes of a 4 yr old, that stocking was a Candyland!)  One Christmas, I remember receiving an orange cookware playset from Santa  and my elder brother got a  robot.  In our young minds, we think that Santa Claus was just the greatest!  

Until one day, a cousin of ours just blurted out that there was NO SANTA CLAUS (Gasp!) and that our parents were Santa! (Nooooo!!!)  Our cousin probably doesn't even remember doing that (and what he did actually changed our lives, hahaha!)

But you know what, I still believe in Santa Claus!  My idea of Santa Claus may have changed as I grew older.  He may not be wearing a red suit anymore, doesn't live in the North Pole and that there is actually more than one Santa!  But one thing remains, I believe in what he stands for =)

I am sharing with you a video (which I've seen in several of my friends' FB Wall) of a nice Holiday surprise that WestJet Airlines pulled off for its passengers.  It is so heartwarming that I am going to ask Santa for my own gift, haha!

Dear Santa, I've been nice this year.  If there's one thing I can ask for this Christmas, it is for you to bring home our Daddy for the Holidays because we miss him so much. =)

What's on your Christmas Wish list?

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