Monday, December 9, 2013

Pretty in Pink

One of the things I've taught Ate early on is the importance of Sharing.  It didn't come easy because she was in her "mine" phase, a normal developmental stage for toddlers.  When her little brother came, it became a bit easier because she was truly fond of her baby brother (though there are still days that the green eyed monster gets to her).  And just like a broken record, I tell her repeatedly that she should share things (and people!  haha!  Yep, she has to share me with her brother!) with "Cobo" (this is how she calls him).

One day, when we went to the salon to have my our nails done:

Ate (in toddler talk): "Mama, Cobo, pink. . .nails"

(Translation:  Mama, Cobo should have pink nails too)

Haha!  I think she got my point on what sharing is all about.

Oh my Darling Ate, thank you for always thinking about your Little Brother and for wanting to share all the nice and fun things you do =)  I am sure your brother can't wait to play with you!

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