Monday, March 31, 2014

Other Party Details

I wish I can be that mom who is good at DIY projects and Arts and Crafts!  I wish I am so I can do more personalized stuff for the family especially when there are special occasions like birthday parties.  But the truth is, I'm not and I think I will never be one, haha!

So for our little Prince's 1st Birthday party, though I have entrusted almost everything about the party to Jollibee, there were two things that I want to work on: the cake and the loot bags.  

After looking for some Prince-inspired cake designs online (got a little bit of something here and there), I asked Zendy's help again (she made Ate's Birthday cake last year) and she came up with another beautiful cake!  (Thanks again Zendy!)

I read about Name on Print on a mommy blog I'm following (Thanks to Mommy Fleur!) and fell in love with their muslin bags (just one among the many things that they can personalize, you should seriously check them out!).  I like to give something that will be useful even after the party.  Since we only have a few guests, I thought it would be nice to personalize each bag and put the initial of the guest's name on it.

I sent them an email two weeks before the party (I know, I am a crammer, haha!).  I was so happy that they accepted my order!  Rollet was helpful, easy to work with and efficient that everything worked out in time for the party!  (Woohoo!)

So pretty and dainty =)

The closest thing to a DIY (for me!)  includes---- buying and putting the goodies in the bags, haha!

And printing gift tags =)

Free Party Printables from

The Party Bags!

I still hope that one day, I get to bring out my inner Martha Stewart (if I have one!).  

Thank you to Zendy and Rollet for helping me make our little Prince's birthday party more special =)

For more details, please visit their FB pages here:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Betcha my Jolly Wow!

Last week, we celebrated our little Prince's 1st Birthday Party.  We chose to celebrate it with a small and simple party (with less than 30 guests---kids included!) and held it in Jollibee.  

Why Jollibee?  Because we love the food and it's stress-free!  Haha!  They offer party packages (which you can customize) that include almost everything you need (balloons, party hats, invitations, a few game prizes)!  It also includes a Jollibee mascot appearance (definitely not just a simple meet and greet!). 

The dance number by Jollibee definitely made the party more fun!  It's the dancing that actually sealed the deal, heehee. 

The Party Host also prepared games which the kids and adults enjoyed.  I think this was one "children's party" where the adults enjoyed more!  Haha!  (Actually, there were only 7 kids during the party!)  

Everything was done in 2 hours!  The "party" may be short and there were only a few guests but we had a blast! =)  Keeping a party simple doesn't mean it can't be fun. What makes a great party?

Good food and great company! =)

To know more about Jollibee's Party Packages, please click this link.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Someone turned One!

Someone just turned 1. . . .a few days ago =)

I can't believe how fast this bouncing baby boy . . .

grew up to become a little man!

Our own little Prince

To our Dearest Little Prince,

Someone asked me what my birthday wish was for you and the only thing that I can think of that moment was for you to always feel blessed and loved.  Because when you do, you will just be so happy with what you have that you would want to share yourself and your blessings with everyone. . . and hopefully by doing this, the world will become a better place.

I also wish that you thrive in life and find its meaning .  The journey will not be easy but always remember that we have your back.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweetheart . . .We love you to the moon and back! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

School is Over!!!

A fun (and refreshing!) way to spend the last day in school. . . and end the School Year!!!!

And Welcome Summer!!! =)

On having bad dreams. . .

I know things have been slow in this blog for this month . . .which is actually the opposite of what is happening in my life right now.  There was a week that I've been having bad dreams almost every night!

Some of the dreams I remember having were:

a) I was about to be mangled by a helicopter gone haywire.  I was so scared of dying (in my dream, I was just waiting for the helicopter's rotor blade to hit me!) that I woke up with cold feet!


b) There was a snake (not just an ordinary snake, it was a meaaann King Cobra!) which got into the house and bit our little boy! (Waahhh!!!)  

Some of you might say because I probably forgot to say my evening prayers. (okay, there are some nights I do, haha!  But I whisper one whenever I wake up in the middle of the night).  But I think I've been having these dreams because I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Out of curiosity, I googled about dreams and their meanings.  I read somewhere that when there are snakes in your dreams, it means you are dealing with a difficult situation.  Well, I am dealing with two major things in my life right now (both are personal).  The first one is difficult because it involves a loved one.  The second is not supposed to be difficult because it is something we've been waiting for and something I've been looking forward to.  But somehow because of the first one, it makes the second one a little bit harder.

I think this article I read in a Huffington Post article puts everything I'm feeling in one sentence.
People who have dreams about death tend to be those who are entering or exiting an uncertain phase or period in their life. It could be a potentially life-changing event that creates anxiety and fear of the unknown.
So yes, there will is going to be a big change in my life and it's on its way!

And I will share it with you . . . . soooon. =)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Toilet Training Woes

Toilet training is one thing that we're dealing right now . . .unsuccessfully.  *Sigh*

I've read that Kids would do it in their own time, when they feel that they are ready and that they shouldn't be forced to do it.  But then when I see and hear about other kids that are her age (and some are even younger than her!) who have already learned to let go of their diapers, I can't help but feel the pressure, haha!

We tried the potty trainer which she didn't use at all!  She preferred to sit on the toilet so I bought her a baby toilet seat to use.  She actually knows when it's time for her to go. . . she just wouldn't sit on the toilet.  I even showed her that Mommy sits on the toilet so she wouldn't be afraid to do it.

I also borrowed a book at her school which I thought was perfect for us!

The story is about Ducky and his friend Piggy who can't come out to play because Piggy is in the potty.  Ducky realized that it's time to be like Piggy, to let go of his diaper and sit on the potty.  

So I read this book to the Princess so many times and emphasized (like EMPHASIZED!) on how Ducky kicked his diaper because the diaper is wet and heavy and that sitting in the potty/toilet is better!

Then I asked her (and I sounder like a coach who was giving her team a pep talk!) after reading the story:

Me: Sooo, do you want to be like Ducky and Piggy?  Piggy uses the potty and Ducky KICKED his diaper because it was WET and HEAVY?!

And she gamely answered with a loud voice and said . . .

Princess: NOOOO!!!!! I want to be an elephant!

Me: *Facepalm* --- (have I mentioned that there's no elephant in the story?!)

So yes, I am stressing over this toilet training thing!  Wish us luck!!!  I neeeeddd it!!!!

Any tips?!

My New Favorite Number!

Eight is my favorite number because a) it has been said (for the Chinese) that it's a lucky number and b) our wedding date is on the 8th too.

But I just found my next favorite number!

Yesterday morning, the Princess and I were doing puzzles (the puzzle's design shows the numbers 1-20).  I know that she already knows her 1-10 so I don't expect her to know the rest of the numbers.

But I was wrong!

She saw this puzzle piece

And shouted. . . "Double 1!!!" (Haha!)

Anyway, so I told her, that's the number Eleven.  (But the little girl has a point, it is a Double 1!)
I am surprised (and proud) that she used the word "double" and came up with her own "number". Haha!

Now I'm afraid to show her my tops size, hahaha!  

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend full of good laughs! =)

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