Monday, March 31, 2014

Other Party Details

I wish I can be that mom who is good at DIY projects and Arts and Crafts!  I wish I am so I can do more personalized stuff for the family especially when there are special occasions like birthday parties.  But the truth is, I'm not and I think I will never be one, haha!

So for our little Prince's 1st Birthday party, though I have entrusted almost everything about the party to Jollibee, there were two things that I want to work on: the cake and the loot bags.  

After looking for some Prince-inspired cake designs online (got a little bit of something here and there), I asked Zendy's help again (she made Ate's Birthday cake last year) and she came up with another beautiful cake!  (Thanks again Zendy!)

I read about Name on Print on a mommy blog I'm following (Thanks to Mommy Fleur!) and fell in love with their muslin bags (just one among the many things that they can personalize, you should seriously check them out!).  I like to give something that will be useful even after the party.  Since we only have a few guests, I thought it would be nice to personalize each bag and put the initial of the guest's name on it.

I sent them an email two weeks before the party (I know, I am a crammer, haha!).  I was so happy that they accepted my order!  Rollet was helpful, easy to work with and efficient that everything worked out in time for the party!  (Woohoo!)

So pretty and dainty =)

The closest thing to a DIY (for me!)  includes---- buying and putting the goodies in the bags, haha!

And printing gift tags =)

Free Party Printables from

The Party Bags!

I still hope that one day, I get to bring out my inner Martha Stewart (if I have one!).  

Thank you to Zendy and Rollet for helping me make our little Prince's birthday party more special =)

For more details, please visit their FB pages here:

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