Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ate's Birthday Cake

I've mentioned in the previous post about Ate's 2nd Birthday celebration.  Do you know what was my most favorite thing in the party?!!!  Her cake!  I think throwing her a party was just my excuse to get a cake!  Haha!  

I am a dessert person.  Cakes are up there in my list of favorite desserts!  I love looking at them . . . most especially, eating them!  

We haven't hosted a lot of parties (more of we don't, haha!) to know who makes a good cake in our city.  I could have ordered a cake from a popular Filipino fastfood chain and bakery but I wanted Ate's cake to be more special.  So I ordered it from Zendy's.

My love for Zendy's started with their cupcakes and cake balls (that were oh so moist!).

My personal fave - Cappuccino and Red Velvet

The first time I tried Zendy's sweet treats was only a few weeks before Ate's birthday.  I saw their booth at a mall and saw their pretty cupcakes and celebration cakes!  I was just satisfying my cupcake cravings and was NOT looking for a cake supplier since there were no birthday plans. . .yet!  Throwing a small birthday celebration for her was actually last minute. . . so you see, I did find an excuse to get a cake, hahaha!!!  Just kidding!

So I went back to Zendy's booth to inquire about the cake.  Since it was only a couple of weeks before the party, Russel (Zendy's brother), who was manning the booth had to check with her if she can accommodate my cake.  Because she does turn down orders if she has to.  And that's one thing that impressed me.  I appreciate somebody who is passionate about her craft and doesn't compromise her work Art for additional profit.  To make it easier, I just chose from their cake album.  But they do work around the client's design ideas and budget.  Dealing with them was really a piece of cake (pun intended, haha!)  They are one of the easiest and nicest people I've dealt with.    

Ate's Barney cake was so pretty and the cake (it was chocolate) was so good and moist (it still is, and it's on its fourth day!)  Our cake's design was simpler compared to the other cakes she has made.  You should really visit their FB page to see Zendy's work of (Cake) Art.

So guess what, I am looking for another reason to have a cake made again, hahaha!!!

For any inquiries, please visit their FB page.  Their contact details are:
Telephone No.: 0932-355-1011

Zendy's Slices and Customized Cakes has a booth at the G/F (Fiesta Capampangan Area) of Robinsons Starmills Pampanga (City of San Fernando) where you can buy their cupcakes and other goodies and see samples of their cakes.

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