Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wild things!

I saw these sort of "wild" fruits in the kitchen this morning . . . I called them wild because we didn't really grow them.  This cute watermelon just sprouted in our backyard.  I guess it's from all the fruit scrapings we composted together with  other degradable matter.

Same with this giant Mango!  We didn't grow it, it just fell in our backyard. . .from our neighbor's tree!  Hahaha!  (There was another thing that also "fell" in our garden a couple of years ago, please click here if you want to know what it is, heehee)

It is one huuuge mango!  I don't know if it is a Capampangan thing but my parents call this type of mango, "tsinelas" (slippers).  I guess this is so because of its size and shape.

These two fruits should have swapped sizes!  

And if you're wondering how they taste, let's just say, they are better to look at. . . unopened!  Haha!

Oh well, let's wait and see what else turns up in our garden =)

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