Friday, June 14, 2013

Name Game

My  parents tried a new restaurant in our city called Cafe Noelle a few days ago and liked the place and the food.

So when an Uncle who is based in Manila came to visit us this afternoon and wanted to have our weekly family dinner, we thought of going to Cafe Noelle.  (Time to rest our taste buds from Japanese, Filipino and Chinese food!!!  Our choices just go around these three, haha!)

Mom:  Let's just eat in Cafe NICO then

Me: Mom, it's Cafe NOELLE

Since it's a cozy cafe, I called to make a reservation for our group (there are 16 of us!) but unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate us at the time we want since they already have a reservation for another big group.  (Funny that the lady on the other line was asking me what company we're from, haha!) 

Mom:  So I guess we won't be going to Cafe NICOLE anymore.  (NICOLE???  Nico + Noelle? Heehee)

Me: Moooommm!!!  Hahaha!!!  

Anyway, so we ended up eating at "the house that chicken built" (Max's!) for dinner.

We will save Cafe Noelle . . . (OR Cafe Nico/Cafe Nicole to my Mom) for another day.

And when that day comes, I will make sure that I will try this . . .

Photo from Cafe Noelle's FB page

The CHIFFONELLE.  Chiffon Cake with Yema Custard and Butter Icing. 
(A 50-yr old recipe of Noelle's Grandma)

Have a nice weekend ahead!

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