Saturday, June 29, 2013

Body Talk

Iya, my smart (Ms. Smartypants!  Haha!) and precocious niece saw me running after chasing Ate (being a curious 2-year old that she is) during a family dinner. . . then she said:

Iya: Alam mo Tata, pag nasa States ka na, puwede kang mag-work out kasi dami kang babantayan (having two kids).  Magiging sexy ka.

Me:  *Ouch!  Haha!*
         Bakit hindi ba ako sexy?

Iya: *Smiling* 
        Sexy!  Ibig ko sabihin MAS magiging sexy ka kapag mag work-out ka.

(Good answer!  Your parents taught you well, haha!)

Oh well, as they say, if you want to hear the truth, you have to get it from kids!

Time to diet!!!

Ate with her Cousins
(Iya, being the eldest among them is the leader of the pack)

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