Saturday, June 8, 2013

How hard could a group photo be?!

It is extremely hard. . . if you are talking about taking a group photo of children!  Hahaha!

While some of them would have their camera ready smile, one of them would veer away from the camera.

Or all of them would be wearing their perfect smile BUT
not everyone will still be looking at the camera! *heavy sigh*
Someone is always ready for the cam!

But that someone will eventually get tired from all the smiling and picture taking . . .

Just when the others have become ready for the camera,
that someone just had it!  Hahaha!

Take 2!!!  Let's try this one more time!

See what I mean?!  Hahaha!

I know that taking a perfectly timed photo of a group of children can be quite challenging.  (Unless you have a really good camera that takes a hundred or a thousand frames per second!  Heehee)

Whether perfectly timed or not, I think the spontaneity of children is what makes their pictures beautiful and heartfelt.  (Yes, even if they are not looking at the camera, haha!)

Have a nice weekend ahead!

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