Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Drama Queen

When I was still single, I remember telling my Mom that when I have children of my own, I will give them to her during their formative years so she can raise them the way she raised us.  I think believe my siblings and I turned out to be pretty good and decent persons.  (Thank you Mom and Dad!)  

Well, Mom, I am still making the same request, hahaha!

Meet my Little Drama Queen . . .

She did this after I gave her "THE" look and told her that I didn't like what she did.  She bowed her head and after a few minutes, she looked up with her eyes glistening with tears . . . yep, she has become a little drama queen! 

Parents are given the Herculean task of disciplining their children.  I find this scary and overwhelming!  The thought of screwing up my children's lives just because I didn't do a good job instilling discipline in them is enough to send me into an anxiety attack!  (Okay, that was an exaggeration!  Haha!)  But really. . .Can you imagine having the responsibility of shaping a child's behavior, hoping that he/she would turn out to be the best person he/she can be.  It's like being given a blank canvas so you can paint your own Masterpiece!  

Parenting Books are here to inform us, give us ideas or guide us but one thing is for sure, they can never tell us the perfect formula or what works when it comes to disciplining children because every child is different from the other.  

Everyday is indeed a challenge to parents who have to deal with their Children . . . yes, whatever their ages are! 

I am still learning. . . I do hope and pray that Hubby and I do a good job in raising our Precious Ones well. 

*Heavy sigh*  

Disciplining a child is definitely one of the hardest things a parent does . . . and probably toilet training too, Haha!  


Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice said...

Hahaha my kids can probably relate to you! ;)) I'm the drama queen in the family, and I often do what Zola does when I don't get my way. ;)) She is toooo CUTE!!! <3

Ana said...

Hahahaha! You make me laugh talaga! I'm sure they give in to their loving Mommy always! Because you spoil them in a good kind of way =)

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