Monday, June 24, 2013

Ate goes to School

I know that you have probably heard this line a million times!  But it's true and I'm going to say it again, haha!  Time flies soooo fast especially when it comes to children . . .

I've blogged about dressing up Janina with a school uniform last year just because her cousin has outgrown it.
June 2102
See what difference a year makes!

June 2013

She's just two years old and is going to a Pre-Nursery class (During my time, there was just Nursery, and today, there's even a class before Nursery!) . .  . I know some of you may think that she is still too young to go to school.  But if there's one thing I like her to learn . . . even before her ABCs and 123s . . .I want her to learn how to socialize and interact with other kids.  Meeting them and playing with them would make learning more fun!  (Not that I make a boring teacher at home!  Haha!)

When I attended the orientation for Parents given by the school, the School Administrator shared with us a quote that reinforces the importance of early childhood education  =)
“The first six years of life set the stage for lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being.” Dr. J Fraser Mustard
So yes, I am happy I did send her to school this early . . .

Ate goes to school for 2 hours everyday.  What happens in those two hours?  They have table activities (Coloring and Arts), Circle time, Music and Movement time, Playtime, Storytelling and ofcourse . . .Snack time!  Heehee

Oh and you know what her least fave thing to do is?

Having sticky glue in her hand!

This is her when we are on our way home . . . 

Mastering the letter Z . . . . for Zzzzzzzz . . . zleep . . . .Haha!

Hope you had a productive day too just like our Ate! =)

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