Friday, June 28, 2013

Baguio's Famous Strawberry Shortcake

I've mentioned in an earlier post that we went to Baguio a few weekends ago.  I haven't been to Baguio for several years now so I thought of surfing the Net for places which we can try for a foodie adventure.  One thing that came up was the Strawberry Shortcake of Vizco's.  As I've said in earlier posts, I am a dessert (and cake!) lover.  So with the foodie list in my hand, I was ready to conquer Baguio!  But I should have known better . . . having 4 kids in this trip would mean . . . ummm, no schedule, no plans, because everything is "let's play it by ear"!  So I threw the list out of the window (there's probably a next time) and told my brother, I can forego the things on the list, but not the Strawberry ShortCAKE, haha!  

Vizco's Restaurant and Bakeshop is located along Session Road (must be the busiest area since it is the City's Commercial District) where parking IS a problem.  So my brother's deal, if he can't find a parking, I have to say goodbye to my Shortcake.  (Okay, deal!)

But things were meant to be!  Woohoo!  We found a parking spot a few meters from the shop, my sister-in law hurriedly walked, went in and ordered a slice --- so we'll know if we have reason to buy a whole cake, Haha!  

I could have taken a better picture, but we were rushing!  

It is actually a simple cake, nothing fancy (and there are fancier strawberry shortcakes out there) but it is good enough to eat and can satisfy one's sweet cravings.  What we loved most about this cake was the icing!  It was light, it was good (not too sweet), I didn't feel guilty eating it! 

So, yes, we bought a whole cake.  =)

After a 5 hour road trip ---the cake made it!

Surprisingly, my 6-yr old niece (who only likes anything vanilla, chocolate or cookies and cream) and my sister (who is not fond of any fruity cakes) actually liked the cake. =)  I think we should have bought 2 cakes!  Haha!

I think we all have our "Vizco's" in our own city--- that local place which serves good desserts and comfort food.   I haven't tried their food (another reason to go back to Vizco's) but they have the standard  fares like Salads, Pastas and Pizzas, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Salisbury Steak, etc. (and I heard they have good Spanish Caldereta).

For more details about Vizco's, please visit their FB page.

Photo from Vizco's FB Page

But you know which is the first Strawberry Shortcake I fell in love with?  


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Have a nice weekend ahead!

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